Esercizio di ascolto – livello B1 (elementare) – A marvellous new café

Ascolta il testo e rispondi alle domande! Comprensione di ascolto – livello elementare B1.

Ascolta il testo e rispondi alle domande!

Elementary (B1)
Why are the following mentioned in the dialogue?

A marvellous new café

1. summer
2. a bench in the park
3. the main square
4. the cakes
5. the sandwiches
6. the coffee
7. the hot chocolate
8. Kate’s family
9. love
10. the prices

A marvellous new café

K: Jim, it’s lovely to see you. How are you doing?

J: Fine, I’m happy to see you too. And what about you, Kate?

K: I’m doing fine. And I love summer. It’s my favourite season, you know.

J: Well, actually it’s a bit too hot for me. But it’s beautiful weather, really.

K: You know what? Why don’t we sit down somewhere and have a chat? We haven’t talked for ages.

J: OK. Shall we sit down on a bench in the park?

K: We could, but why don’t we have a coffee and cakes? Have you been to the new vegan café around the corner at the main square?

J: No, but I’m not vegan, you know. Why should I go there?

K: Because it’s just a great place. I love it, really, the cakes are just …one is more delicious and tasty than the other. Now they started making beautiful sandwiches with gluten-free options too. The coffee is the best in town but the best of the best is their hot chocolate, no one makes anything like that, and I say no one! You can go to any other cafe here but it is unbeatable, it’s a gem …with magical recipes and ahhh the hot chocolate! My family and I like this place a lot, we have tried everything, the pies as well. You can feel everything is made with love.

J: That sounds too good to be true. But …. Isn’t it very expensive?

K: No, the prices are quite reasonable. You can’t say they’re very high. Actually, they’re good value for money.

J: Good. Let’s try it. And you are my guest. If it’s really so good, I will just be grateful for the recommendation.


1. It’s Kate’s favourite season.
2. Jim would like to sit down there.
3. The new vegan café is at the corner of it.
4. The cakes in the café are (very) delicious/tasty.
5. The sandwiches are beautiful and there are gluten-free sandwiches, too.
6. It’s the best in town.
7. That’s the very best, no one makes anything like that. It has magical recipes.
8. They like the café and they have tried everything.
9. Everything in the cafe is made with love.
10. They are reasonable/not very high/good value for money.


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