Monday morning in the office – prova di ascolto – livello B1

Ascoltate il testo e fate anche l’esercizio di comprensione (listening).

Monday morning in the office
How did Liza spend…

  1. Friday evening?
  2. Saturday morning?
  3. Saturday afternoon?
  4. Saturday evening?
  5. Sunday morning?
  6. Sunday afternoon?
  7. Sunday evening?

Alapfok (B1) hanganyag szövege:

Monday morning in the office

K: Hi Liza, you look a bit tired. How was your weekend? Didn’t you have time to relax?

L: Well, Kyle, I must say I didn’t. Not much, at least.

K: How come? You didn’t work, did you?

L: No, that is, not in the office. But I had to clean the house on Saturday morning because it was a complete mess.

K: But that’s something you do every week, don’t you?

L: Not really. I know I should but I don’t like doing it. Now I had to do it because a few friends came to visit in the afternoon and I had to do some cooking before that, too.

K: I suppose you baked some cakes as well. Your cakes are really delicious and I know you enjoy making them.

L. Actually, I did that on Friday evening already. And I know you like them so I saved some for you. Help yourself!

K: Thanks!

L: And then we went to the theatre in the evening so that was a busy day.

K: And on Sunday? You didn’t have guests then, did you?

L: No but I went hiking in the hills with my cousins in the morning. We had been planning that for long. The weather was just beautiful though there was a bit of rain in the morning it cleared up later so we enjoyed the hike. After that, in the afternoon I had to rush to pick up my mother at the airport. She just came back from a holiday.

K: And in the evening? Theatre again? I could imagine you going to the theatre every evening.

L: No, my brother came over and we watched a football match together.

K: I didn’t know you like football.

L: I do. Especially when my favourite team plays. You can join us next week.

K: Thanks for the invitation. I’ll think it over.


Monday morning in the office

1. She baked some cakes.
2. She cooked and cleaned the house.
3. Her friends came to visit
4. She went to the theatre.
5. She went hiking to the hills with her cousins.
6. She picked up her mother at the airport.
7. She watched football with her brother.


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