Quel mostro di suocera – mini lezione con video ed esercizio interattivo

Quel mostro di suocera (Monster-in-Law) è un film del 2005 con Jennifer Lopez e Jane Fonda. Vediamone ora una scena breve con un esercizio interattivo e vocabolario.



It’s not unusual to see two women fighting over the same man in a movie, only this time it’s his mother and his fiancée vying for his attention in this broad comedy. While Charlotte Cantilini (Jennifer Lopez), known to her friends as Charlie, has never had much luck in her love life, one day her ship arrives in a big way when she meets Kevin Fields (Michael Vartan), a doctor who is charming, handsome, and wealthy. Kevin also has a famous mother, Viola Fields (Jane Fonda), who has enjoyed a long and successful career as a news broadcaster. When Kevin and Charlie fall head over heels for one another, he opts to propose marriage to her as he’s introducing Charlie to Viola over lunch. However, as far as Viola is concerned, this could not come at a worse time — Viola has just been fired from the anchor desk, and regards her son as the only anchor left in her life. Not willing to share Kevin with anyone, Viola sets out to sabotage his relationship with Charlie in any way she can, often with the wary assistance of her secretary Ruby (Wanda Sykes). But once Charlie gets wind of Viola’s schemes, she decides two can play this game. Monster-in-Law marked Jane Fonda’s return to the screen after a long leave of absence; it was her first film after co-starring with Robert De Niro in 1990’s Stanley & Iris.

Dopo aver visto la scena del film, decidi se le seguenti frasi sono false o vere. Se lo trovi difficile, eccoti anche il testo del dialogo.

Charlie: What is that?
Viola: What?
Charlie: We should brides be dressed…
Viola: Oh, I gave it to Ruby’s daughter, she works at Hooters, she was thrilled
Woman: We have a daughter?
Charlie: Oh, take off that white dress right now or I’ll take it off for you.
Viola: Don’t you tell me what to do.
Charlie: You did not just poke me.
Viola: Don’t you touch me you, Cuban tramp
Charlie: Oh my God, Viola, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean
Viola: Yeah, you’re gonna slap somebody and then apologize, get some backbone!
(slap fight)
Charlie: It’s crazy! Don’t you just face it, I am marrying Kevin today and there’s nothing you can do about it.
Viola: You face it, you’ll never be good enough for him!
Gertrude: I stopped you from marrying my son…
Viola: Oh God, no…
Gertrude: Look at you, all in white, you are so predictable
Viola: Oh Gertrude, I didn’t know you were coming…
Gertrude: You didn’t, wonder why? I know, you didn’t send me an invitation!
Viola: I thought you were dead but evil doesn’t die so easily.
Gertrude: I heard you got sacked and thrown into a loony bin. My congratulations!
Oh my god, oh my god! These hors d’oeuvres taste like old socks!
Viola: Oh…
Gertrude: Now, I want to get an up-close look at the bride. Holy Toledo! You are stunning! My grandson is a lucky fella! Look, what he did, he went out and found himself an exotic Latina! Would’ve been my son, had been that lucky…
Viola: Here we go again…
Gertrude: What? You were a television weather woman in Dubuque Montana, you drove around in a broken-down minivan and you drank red wine from a box
Woman: Ah, Lissy…

source: Monster-in-Law (3/3) Movie CLIP – Slap Fight (2005) HD, Movieclips

keys: 1. false, the would-be mother-in-law, Viola, is also wearing a white dress; 2. false, she called her a Cuban tramp; 3. true, because she continued slapping; 4. false, she hadn’t been sent an invitation card but she came; 5. true, she got sacked; 6. true, she called her an exotic Latina and described her as stunning; 7. true, would’ve been my son, had been that lucky; 8. true, it was a broken-down mini van

to vie for – gareggiare per/competere per

broad comedy – farsesco

wealthy – ricco

news broadcaster – conduttore/presentatore di TG

to fall head over heels – essere follemente innamorato

to opt – scegliere

to propose – fare una proposta di matrimonio

as far as Viola is concerned – per quanto riguarda Viola

anchor desk – la scrivania del conduttore di TG

to regard – considerare

anchor – ancora di salvezza

willing – favorevole/pronto a fare qc

sabotage – sabotare

wary – sospettoso, diffidente

to get wind of – sentir dire

two can play this game – se tu fai cosí, allora faccio anch’io cosí

absence – assenza

to poke – picchiettare con la dita

tramp – vagabondo

to mean – intendere

to slap – schiaffeggiare

to get some backbone – avere carattere

to face – affrontare

predictable – prevedibile

to get sacked – essere licenziato

loony bin – manicomio

hors d’oeuvres – antipasto

up-close look – sguardo a stretto contatto

stunning – splendido

lucky fella – tizio/tipo fortunato

Here we go – Eccoci qui!

broken-down – malridotto

shabby – consunto, logoro


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