Comprensione di lettura (B1) – Bees and honey

Pratichiamo la comprensione di lettura con questo breve testo in inglese su livello B1.

Bugs and insects are known for lots of different things. Spiders are known for spinning webs, ants are known for “marching” one by one, termites are known for eating wood and bees are known for ……A…. honey (0). Have you ever wondered how bees make honey though?

Although there are about 20,000 different species of bees in the world, only the honeybee makes the kind of honey we eat. These bees ………. (1) to feed themselves, which makes them different from creatures that eat things like fruits, nuts and other insects. Honeybees make honey to ………. (2) food for colder months when they are not able to leave their hive as often and they can’t gather as much food because there are not as many flowers in the fields and the forests. 

You might be asking if honeybees make honey for their own nourishment, is it OK for humans to ………. (3), too? The answer is yes since these bees actually make about two to three times more honey each year than they need to ………. (4).

Honeybees live together in colonies which can consist of around 60,000 bees. In fact, a single honeybee will only create about 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in its whole life! That is not even enough to ………. (5)!

A. making sweet and delicious
B. produce honey         
C. search for flowers    
D. store and save    
E. suck nectar out of plants
F. survive the winter     
G. sweeten a cup of tea            
H. take it and eat it

source: pestworldforkids.org


1.B 2.D 3.H 4.F 5.G


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