Comprensione B1 (lettura/audio) – British ‘store cupboard classics’ get a makeover – as ice cream

Gelato al ketchup, maionese o Heinz Beanz fagioli? Non so cosa ne pensate, ma gli inglesi hanno fatto una prova. Di questo parla il seguente esercizio breve (su livello B1), completo con audio, video e glossario.

➡️ Qual è il gelato più strano o bizzarro che abbiate mai assaggiato?


British ‘store cupboard classics’ get a makeover – as ice cream

Ever wondered what baked beans ice cream tastes like? Londoners basking under Britain’s hottest ever summer were getting the chance to find out and sample a range of other flavours more readily associated with savoury winter dishes – including porridge oats and HP sauce.

“There are lots of weird flavours and … I and my sister were very excited to try lots of them,” said nine-year-old Izzy Konviser, a customer at the Ice Cream Project temporary store in central London, told Reuters.

“I think the weirdest …is probably ketchup, and baked beans because it’s just like the most unusual thing that you would ever have.”

Store employee Hannah Wearne describes the Project, which ran until Aug 28, 2022 as offering a new twist on “British store cupboard classics”. And it’s proving a hit.

“We sold out of six weeks’ worth of ice cream in four days, so we’ve been really, really popular… We’ve got our own regulars which is really lovely,” she said.

source: Reuters

Match the words with their definitions.

1) savoury
2) weird
3) temporary
4) regular
5) twist

a) someone who often goes to a place or event
b) lasting for only a short period
c) an unexpected turn or change
d) salty or spicy, not sweet
e) strangely unnatural

key: 1-d, 2-e, 3-b, 4-a, 5-c;

to get a makeover rifarsi, reinventarsi
baked beans fagioli al vapore (Heinz Beanz fagioli)
to bask crogiolarsi
to sample assaggiare
range gamma
flavour sapore
savoury salato
porridge oat porridge d’avena
weird strano
customer cliente
temporary temporaneo
store employee dipendente del negozio
to describe descrivere
twist torsione
to prove dimostrare
hit colpito
six weeks’ worth sei settimane di valore (che basta per 6 settimane)
regular regolare




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