esercizi di phrasal verbs e modi di dire

5 parole al giorno – 5 verbi quotidiani

Nel vocabolario dei verbi di oggi, imparerai 5 verbi (phrasal verbs) quotidiani.

beef up
To increase/add weight, strength or power to something

bounce sg off
To present some idea or thought to someone for comment or approval

crow about
to brag or boast about something

size up
to examine something or someone carefully and decide what you think about it, them

rat out
To inform an authority figure of one’s bad or illegal behaviour;
to quit or fink out on something/someone

sources: Cambridge Dictionary; Merriam-Webster Dictionary; The Free Dictionary by Farlex

Completa le seguenti frasi con una delle parole che hai appena imparato.

1.Security around the city will be ________ during the event.
2. As voters are still ________ the candidates, it is too early to talk about the winner.
3. Stop ________ your successes! We’re fed up with your bragging all the time.
4. You’re supposed to be my friend so I’d never think you ________ like that.
However, you’ve revealed our private conversation to the press.

5. We have been thinking about our latest campaign a lot, so let me ____ a few ideas ____ you.

beefed up;
2. sizing up;
3. crowing about;
4. rat out;
5. bounce, off


to beef up – rinforzare
to size up – avere opinione su qualcosa
to crow about – millantarsi, sbraciare
to brag – millantarsi, sbraciare
to boast – millantarsi, sbraciare
to rat out – spifferare, denunciare
to fink out on – scappare da qualcuno
approval – approvazione
authority figure – figura di autoritá
to suppose – supporre
to reveal – rivelare


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