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Che fregatura! – 5 espressioni per parlare di shopping … da non perdere!

Ma che fregatura! Eccovi 5 espressioni per parlare di shopping.

Ma che fregatura! Eccovi 5 espressioni per parlare di shopping.

1. I’m on a small/tight/shoestring budget Ho un budget ridotto/stretto/scarso.
a relatively small amount of money for planned spending

2. I can’t afford it Non posso permettermi.
to be unable to buy or do something because you have not
enough money or time

3. It costs me an arm and a leg Mi costa un braccio e una gamba.
buy sg even if it is too expensive

it’s a real bargain – è un vero affare
something on sale at a lower price than its true value
bargain hunters – cacciatori di occasioni
people looking for things at a low price
it is dirt cheap. / It is a steal. – È a buon mercato. / È un furto.

a product that has a very low price, or a price that is much lower
than the original cost

4. It’s a rip-off – È una fregatura.
something that is not worth what you pay for it:

5. It’s a daylight robbery (UK)/ highway robbery (US) È una rapina alla luce del sole.
a situation in which you have to pay far too much money for something

Completa le seguenti frasi con una delle espressioni precedenti.

  1. $400 for that shirt? – That’s a complete ____.
  2. We started our business ____ and could not afford to overspend.
  3. The sales had started and the ____ were out.
  4. I don’t know how Tom ____ a new car on his salary.
  5. This leather jacket was half-price – a ____.
  6. Although it seemed to be a small dent in the door of my car, its repair work ____.


  1. rip-off; 2. on a small/tight/shoestring budget; 3. bargain hunters; 4. can afford; 5. real bargain; 6. cost me an arm and a leg


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