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5 minuti d’inglese – leggi e ascolta – Sicily dog owners must wash away pets’ pee

Diamo un’occhiata a una recente notizia su una nuova legge in Sicilia.

As well as picking up their pets’ excrement, dog owners in Sicily will now have to wash away their urine under a regional law approved by the Sicilian Assembly (ARS).

The measure is contained in a bill covering “norms to safeguard animals and the prevention of stray dogs“.

In addition to removing their dog’s excrement from the street or parks, in Sicily, the owners of four-legged animals will also be required to clean their pee with water.

source: tp24.it

to pick up [tə pɪk ʌp] raccogliere
excrement [ˈekskrəmənt] escrementi
dog owner [dɒɡ ˈəʊnə] proprietario del cane
urine [ˈjʊərɪn] urina
regional law [ˈriːdʒənl̩ lɔː] legge regionale
to approve [tu əˈpruːv] approvare
measure [ˈmeʒə] provvedimento
to contain [tə kənˈteɪn] contenere
bill [bɪl] disegno di legge
to safeguard [tə ˈseɪfɡɑːd] salvaguardare
prevention [prɪˈvenʃn̩] prevenzione
stray dog [streɪ dɒɡ] cane randagio
to require [tə rɪˈkwaɪə] richiedere
pee [piː] pipì


Decide if the statements are true or false or not in the text. 

  1. Dog owners protested against the new law in Sicily.
  2. The law concerns only certain regions in Sicily.
  3. The new law also contains regulations about dogs in the street that have no owners.
  4. The law regulates both the cleaning of excrement and urine.
  5. There are different regulations in the law for streets and parks.

 key: 1. not in the text, 2. false, 3. true, 4. true, 5. not in the text


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