Gilmore Girls/Una mamma per amica – Friday Night Dinner (esercizio interattivo con video)

Gilmore Girls – Friday Night Dinner

EMILY: It’s simply disgraceful.
RICHARD: For years, we’ve had peace in the neighbourhood.
EMILY: I knew the Richmonds were going to be trouble when they missed the block party last month.
LORELAI: I don’t understand. They gave out full-size candy bars for Halloween. So what?
EMILY: Not full-size candy bars, Lorelai – king-size candy bars.
RICHARD: We’ve been giving out full-size candy bars for years now.
EMILY: And then those people move in and throw the entire balance of the neighbourhood off. They made everybody look ridiculous.
RICHARD: It’s very embarrassing.
EMILY: I think we have to do something about this – maybe go to the homeowners association.
LORELAI: Two Halloweens ago, someone painted the Duprees’ Chihuahua orange and nobody went to the homeowners association then.
EMILY: Well, everybody hated Taco.
LORELAI: I think you’re making a little too much of this.
EMILY: I saw Mae Richmond at Bay Wellington’s two weeks before Halloween. She had ample time to bring it up then, and nothing – not a word. I think it might be time to go after their ball machine.
RORY: Their ball machine?
RICHARD: They have a ball machine on their tennis court that is extraordinarily loud and unpredictable.
EMILY: Flying, thumping balls all over the place.
LORELAI: Flying, thumping what all over the place?
EMILY: Balls.
EMILY: You are four.
LORELAI: And balls are funny.
RICHARD: Don’t worry, Emily. If the homeowners association doesn’t do anything, we’ll take this to the neighbours, get a petition going.
LORELAI: Or if that doesn’t work, you could throw some hoods on and burn a full-size Mars bar on their front lawn.
EMILY: King-size, Lorelai – king-size.
RORY: So, how’s work, Grandpa?
LORELAI: Look how smoothly she changes the subject.
RICHARD: Work is lovely, Rory. How’s school?
RORY: Crazy.
LORELAI: She’s taking too many courses.
RORY: I am not.
EMILY: How many are you taking?
EMILY: Is five a lot?
RORY: It’s not a lot
LORELAI: It is a lot.
RICHARD: I took five courses when I was a freshman. Rory takes after me.
RORY: I like to be busy.
RICHARD: Idle hands are the devil’s playthings.
LORELAI: That’s actually the title of one of her classes.
RORY: Please don’t worry about me.
LORELAI: She says to the mother and the grandmother.
EMILY: Are you done?

RORY: Oh, yes, thank you.
EMILY: Good, because we have mini lemon bundt cakes for dessert.
EMILY: What?
LORELAI: Well, they’re serving full-size bundt cakes over at the Richmonds’ house.
EMILY: She’s done.
LORELAI: Oh, no, I have a carrot.
EMILY: She’s done.
LORELAI: Bet the Richmonds would have let me eat my carrot.

disgraceful – vergognoso

ridiculous – ridicolo

embarrassing – imbarazzante

homeowners association  – associazione dei proprietari di casa

to have ample time to do something – avere tutto il tempo per fare qualcosa

extraordinarily loud – straordinariamente rumoroso

unpredictable – imprevedibile

thumping – tonfo

petition – petizione

hood – cappuccio

lawn – prato

to change the subject smoothly – cambiare argomento senza problemi

freshman – matricola

idle hands – mani inattive

bundt cake – ciambellone


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