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What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?

Vediamo ora un dialogo per parlare dei programmi per Capodanno.

Man: Have you got plans for New Year’s Eve?
Woman: We’re renting a cottage in Scotland with some friends.
Man: Sounds good. Do you think you’ll get some snow?
Woman: There should be quite a lot up North. It’s a long trip to Inverness but I’m really looking forward to it. How about you?
Man: Don’t know yet. I usually go to the pub with friends but this year I’d rather do something more interesting.
Woman: Any New Year’s resolutions? Those could give you inspiration.
Man: Well, I want to get into sports. I used to ice-skate when I was a kid. I really enjoyed it. And I should also spend more time relaxing. This job is interesting but I’m doing very long hours.
Woman: Perhaps you could spend a few days at a spa resort.
Man: I’m not sure. Not my style, really. How about your resolutions?
Woman: I haven’t made any. I guess I should, there is always room for improvement. But why on the 1st of January? You can change your life anytime.
Man: I quit smoking this way. It seems to be working for me. Have you really managed to ditch an old habit and stick with it?
Woman: I don’t think so. I tend to focus on positive things.
Man: That is a good idea. I do need positive things in my life. I’ll get a new pair of skates and go skating regularly. I hope I’ll find some mates to join me.
Woman: I like skating. We could ask the sporty people on the department and go for dinner afterwards.
Man: Brilliant idea. I’ll ask around.


to have plans for – avere programmi per
to rent a cottage – affittare una bait
inspiration – ispirazione
to get into – appassionarsi
used to – essere abituato a
to do long hours – passare molte ore
spa resort – centro benessere
there is always room for improvement – c’è sempre spazio per dei miglioramenti
anytime – in qualsiasi momento
to manage to do something – organizzare di fare qualcosa
to ditch something – eliminare qualcosa
to tend to do something – tendere a fare qualcosa
mate – amici / compagni
sporty – sportivo
to ask around – chiedere in giro


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