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Vocabolario: Keeping a pet

In questa lezione parleremo dei nostri animali tenuti a casa, e impareremo il vocabolario piú imporante sul tema.

In questa lezione parleremo dei nostri animali tenuti a casa, e impareremo il vocabolario piú imporante sul tema.

Keeping a pet

Lots of people are fond of animals and some couldn’t even imagine their life without a pet. Whether you’re one of them or not you must admit that pets make good companions, as they can give affection and love and they are faithful friends. And it just feels good to have a furry – or perhaps feathery, scaly or slimy creature sharing the flat or the house with you. This way you are never alone… Cats and dogs are the most common pets roaming in and around the house and then there are the little furry ones in cages like the hamster, the guinea pig, the rabbit and the mouse. There are people who go for more exotic animals, like an ostrich and some don’t even shirk from keeping spiders or even snakes.

Keeping a pet is serious responsibility and it involves a lot of tasks that you have to perform regularly. It’s not enough to own for example a dog, you have to feed it properly, you have to regularly take it for a walk and you also have to play with it. Regular visits to the vet are also indispensable if you want a happy and healthy dog. Pets can also cause a lot of problems. They can be noisy, smelly, and they can shed their fur.  Some are silent like the turtle or the goldfish but some are squeaky, like mice, or chirpy like parrots or other birds. Some don’t let you sleep at night or they disturb the neighbours with their barking or whimpering. They come in so many different sizes, shapes, colours, smells and temperaments that it is certainly no excuse to say that you can’t find the right one for you. Here are some tips for you to talk about how to choose a pet.


companion – compagno
affection – affetto
faithful – fedele
furry – peloso
feathery – pennuto
scaly – squamoso
slimy – viscido
to roam – vagare
cage – gabbia
hamster – criceto
guinea pig – porcellino d’india
to go for something – scegliere qualcosa
ostrich – struzzo
to shirk from sg – sottrarsi a qualcosa
snake – serpente
spider – ragno
responsibility – responsabilità
vet – veterinario
indispensable – indispensabile
to shed fur – spargere i peli
squeaky – stridulo
chirpy – cinguettare
to bark – abbaiare
to whimper – piagniucolare
it is no excuse – Non è una scusa

Hamster isolated on white background Budgie female on the white background
dog cat hamster guinea pig budgie
cane gatto criceto porcellino d’India pappagallino ondulato
Red Goldfish Isolated on White Background young polecat isolated over white background Turtle
goldfish rabbit ferret parrot turtle
pesce rosso coniglio furetto pappagallo tartaruga



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