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TELEPHONE ENGLISH: Al telefono in inglese

Don’t be afraid if the phone rings and you have to answer it in English! if you practice a lot, you’ll be able to speak English on the phone, too!


Don’t be afraid if the phone rings and you have to answer it in English! if you practice a lot, you’ll be able to speak English on the phone, too! In this unit, we are going to look at some of the words and expressions that we use for telephoning. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Before having a look at some useful dialogues, let’s learn some important words and expressions!

phone booth pay phone
public phone
cell phone
mobile phone
wireless phone
cordless phne
cabina telefonica telefono pubblico (telefono) cellulare cordless centralinista

to answer the phone
– rispondere al telefono
answering machine – segreteria telefonica
busy signal – segnale di occupato
call – telefonare
caller – la persona che telefona
call back/phone back – richiamare
call display – schermo del telefono
cellular phone/cell phone/mobile phone – telefono cellulare
cordless phone – cordless
to dial – digitare
dial tone – segnale di chiamata
directory/phone book – agenda telefonica
to hang up – riagganciare
to ring off – riagganciare
operator – centralinista
pager – cercapersone
phone – telefono
to phone – telefonare
phone booth – cabina telefonica
pay phone –telefono pubblico
to pick up the phone – rispondere al telefono
receiver – ricevente
to ring – squillare

Domande e risposte
In questa sezione trovi domande e risposte che puoi affrontare agli esami di lingua. 

Are you on the phone? What’s your phone number?

A1: Yes, I’m on the phone. My number is 35-34-209.
A2: No, I’m not. I only have a cell phone.

Do you have a cell phone?
A1: Yes, of course. I think nowadays everybody has a cell phone.
A2: It must be surprising, but I don’t. I don’t want to get phone call anytime, anywhere.

Q: Do you have a pre-paid or a post-paid cell phone?
A1: I have a pre-paid cell phone, so if I can’t make any phone calls, I have to buy a pre-paid card, and top-up my minutes.
A2: I have a post paid cell phone, so I can make phone calls any time, and pay for them at the end of the month.

Q: Is your name listed in the directory?
A1: Yes, my landline is in the directory.
A2: No, I don’t have a landline, so I’m not in the directory.

Q: Do you like having long conversations?
A1: No, I try to make it as short as possible. I don’t want to pay a lot for phone bills.
A2: Yes, mostly with my mother. She lives in another town, so we don’t meet too often, and we mostly speak on the phone.

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