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Sea and Ocean Idioms

Anche il mare è una grande fonte di modi di dire ed espressioni caratteristiche! Guardiamo le più importanti ed usate!

There are a plenty of (other) fish in the sea.
meaning: there are other choices (refers to persons)
magyarul: van más is a világon, van még hal a vízben
example: It’s too bad that she broke up with you, but there are plenty of fish in the sea. – Kár, hogy szakított veled, de van más is a világon!

to get/find/have one’s sea legs
meaning: the ability to adjust to a new situation
magyarul: belejönni valamibe
example: She’s only had two lessons, she hasn’t found her sea legs yet. – Még csak két órát vett, még nem jött bele.

a spit/drop in the ocean
meaning: an inconsequential amount
magyarul: csepp a tengerben
example: Many companies donated medicine to help survivors, but it was just a drop in the ocean. – Sok vállalat adományozott gyógyszert a túlélőknek, de ez csak csepp volt a tengerben.

to boil the ocean
meaning: to waste one’s time
magyarul: pazarolni az időt felesleges tevékenységgel
example: You can’t get him to change. You’re just boiling the ocean. – Nem tudod megváltoztatni. Csak az idődet pazarlod.

between the devil and the deep blue sea
meaning: having only two bad choices
magyarul: két tűz között, csak két rossz közül tudni választani
example: I was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, when my father asked me to mow the lawn and my mother wanted me to write my homework. – Két tűz között voltam, apám azt akarta, hogy nyírjam le a füvet, anyám pedig azt, hogy írjak leckét.

to be at sea
meaning: confused
magyarul: tanácstalan
example: We had a lot to do, but with no Internet connection, we were at sea. – Sok dolgunk volt, de internetkapcsolat nélkül tanácstalanok voltunk.

to make waves
meaning: to cause difficulty, disturbance, controversy
magyarul: szándékosan problémát teremteni, hullámokat verni
example: We’ve finally settled, please don’t make waves. – Végre megállapodtunk, kérlek, ne csinálj problémát!

a sea change
meaning: a complete change
magyarul: óriási változás
example: The data represent a sea change in the corporate environment. – Az adatok óriási változást mutatnak a vállalati környezetben.

The coast is clear.
meaning: it is safe to go somewhere or do something because no one is watching or listening
magyarul: tiszta a levegő
example: You can come out of the bedroom now, the coast is clear. – Most már kijöhetsz a hálószobából, tiszta a levegő.

to have a whale of a time
meaning: to really enjoy yourself
magyarul: nagyon jól érezni magát, állatira élvezni valamit
example: We had a whale of a time at the pub yesterday. – Állatira élveztük a tegnap estét a pubban.

to rock the boat
meaning: to create a problem that wasn’t there, to challenge the status quo
magyarul: megzavarni a kialakult nyugalmat, megbillenteni a hajót
example: I think I should tell her the truth, but I don’t want to rock the boat. – Azt hiszem, el kellene mondanom neki az igazságot, de nem akarok bajt.

oceans of something
meaning: a very large amount
magyarul: sok, jelentős, rengeteg
example: After two weeks of vacation, there was an ocean of work to catch up with. – Két hét vakáció után tengernyi munkát kellett behozni.

I. Fill in the gaps with the idioms from the table.

between the devil and the deep blue sea

to rock the boat

to have a whale of a time

a spit/drop in the ocean

the coast is clear

to find one’s sea legs


1. It took only a day on the boat …………………. I got used to it very quickly.

2. Both choices seem quite bad, Jen is …………………….

3. Everyone seems contented now. You shouldn’t …………….., I don’t like controversy.

4. A thousand dollars may seem a lot, but it’s only ………………. compared to the millions that need to be spent.

5. Brad waited outside until ……………..

6. This was probably the party of the year. I had ……………..

II. Match each idiom to its definition.


a sea change


a large amount of something


oceans of something


to be confused, lost


to be at sea


to waste time attempting the impossible


There are plenty of (other) fish in the sea.


to cause a disturbance


to boil the ocean


a complete change


to make waves


there are many other good choices


I. 1-to find my sea legs 2-between the devil and the deep blue sea 3-rock the boat 4-a spit/drop in the ocean 5-the coast was clear 6-a whale of a time

II. 1-e 2-a 3-b 4-f 5-c 6-d


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