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Money – Soldi – quiz vocabolario


Welcome to your Money Vocabulary

A piece of metal money:
Money, etc. owed by one person to another:
Establishment where currencies of different countries may be exchanged:
A commercial exchange, a deal:
A piece of paper money:
A cash fund for small, everyday expenses:
Risky buying of foreign currency, land, etc. for rapid gain:
The concealment of the origins of illegally obtained money:
Money paid to the government, which is based on your income or of the cost of goods or services you have:
To get some money unexpectedly, usually by inheritance:
Actual money paid as opposed to credit:
Illegal traffic in officially controlled commodities such as foreign currency:
To put money for profit into business, land etc.:
The money in general use or circulation in any country:
Person dealing with cash transactions in a bank, store, etc.:

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banknote – banconota
bill (US) – banconota (US)
black market – mercato nero
bureau de change – cambiavalute
cash – contanti
cashier – cassiere
coin – moneta
to come into money – riceve una eredità, venire in possesso di una somma di denaro
currency – valuta
debt – debito
to invest – investire
money laundering – riciclaggio di denaro
petty cash – fondo per le piccolo spese, piccola cassa
speculation – speculazione
tax – tassa
transaction – transazione

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