Italian fencer Garozzo wins men’s foil gold

Il nostro atleta Daniele Garozzo, dalla bellissima Acireale, ci ha stupiti tutti con un meravigliso oro nel fioretto a squadre maschile. Leggiamo questo testo per celebrarlo tutti assieme!

Italy’s Daniele Garozzo won gold in the men’s foil at the Olympic fencing on Sunday, defeating Alexander Massialas of the United States in the final.

Garozzo stunned top-ranked American Alexander Massialas to win the gold medal.

Garozzo beat Massialas — who was seeking to become the first American man to win at the Olympics in the modern version of the sport — 15-11 to give Italy its second gold of the Rio Games.

Massialas rallied from six points down in the quarterfinals. But he gave up six straight points to Garozzo in the final as the Italian ran away with the match.

Russian Timur Safin took bronze.

Few seemed as shocked to see the 11th-ranked Garozzo topple the American more than the fencer himself. Garozzo ditched his mask and ran the length of the piste to salute a Brazilian crowd that had decided to back the underdog.

Officials forced a jubilant Garozzo back to the strip before awarding him the 15th and final point.

Garozzo beat Timur Safin of Russia 15-8 to earn a shot at the gold medal, while Massialas rolled past Kruse 15-9.

After beating American Alexander Massialas to win the gold medal, Daniele Garozzo ran around wildly and jumped into his coach’s arms to celebrate.

The 24-year-old Garozzo recaptured a title last won by Italy in the 1996 Games in Atlanta.


Do you know the vocabulary of fencing in Italian? Can you translate the English words into Italian?

foil fioretto
epée spada
sabre sciabola
jacket giacca
glove guanto
breeches pantaloni da scherma
socks calze
mask maschera
chest protector corazzetta
lame lama
sleeve manica, custodia

foil – fioretto

fencing – scherma

to defeat – sconfiggere

to stun – sbalordire, scioccare

top-ranked – favorito, candidato, campione

to rally – riprendersi, ristabilirsi

quarterfinals – quarti di finale

to topple – rovesciare, abbattere

ditched – gettare, buttare

piste  – pedana

to salute – salutare

to back – sostenere  

underdog – sfavorito

jubilant – giubilante, estasiato

strip – pista, pedana

to award – conferire, assegnare

recaptured – riprendere, riconquistare



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