Situazioni d'emergenza

Dialoghi utili – Chiamate d’emergenza: fuoco

Con questo dialogo impareremo a chiedere aiuto in caso d’incendio.

Operator: 911 Where is your emergency? How may I help you?
Caller: I think the house is on fire.
Operator: Where is the emergency?
Caller: 49 Sycamore Street.
Operator: What is your phone number?
Caller: 0765 9834963.
Operator: What’s happened?
Caller: I don’t know. My roommate is downstairs, but I’m upstairs and can’t come down.
Operator: We are sending the Fire Department. Are there other people in the house?
Caller: No. I can’t breathe. I can see flames and there is smoke everywhere.
Operator: Tell my in which bedroom are you in.
Caller: I’m in the front bedroom.
Operator: Can you get on the floor?
Caller: I’m on the floor.
Operator: Is there anything you can put in front of your doorjamb to stop the smoke from coming in? A blanket or something?
Caller: It’s already in but it didn’t block the smoke.
Operator: Do you have a window in that room that can open?
Caller: Yes, but I can’t get it open. I can’t breathe.
Operator: Don’t try to talk, okay? I’m going to stay on the phone with you, alright? I want you to put a towel in front of your face. If you don’t have a towel, whatever you find is fine.
Caller: I’m going to die.
Operator: No, you’re not. Please, stay calm. We are on our way to help you.


Where is your emergency? – Qual è la sua emergenza?
The house is on fire. – La casa è in fiamme.
What’s happened? – Cosa è successo?
My roommate is downstairs. – Il mio coinquilino è al piano di sotto.
I’m upstairs. – Sono al piano di sopra.
We are sending the fire department. – Stiamo inviando i vigli del fuoco.
Are there other people in the house? – Ci sono altre persone in casa?
I can’t breathe. – Non posso respirare.
I can see flames. – Posso vedere le fiamme.
There is smoke everywhere. – C’è fumo ovunque.
Can you get on the floor? – Può distendersi sul pavimento?
Put a blanket in your doorjamb. – Metta una coperta davanti allo stipite della porta.
Put a towel in front of your face. – Si metta un asciugamano in faccia.
Stay calm. – Stia tranquillo.
We are on our way to help you. – Stiamo arrivando ad aiutarla. 


emergency – emergenza
to be on fire – essere in fiamme
roommate – coinquilino, compagno di stanza
upstairs – al piano superiore
downstairs – al piano inferiore
to breathe – respirare
flame – fiamma
smoke – fumo
doorjamb – stipite della porta
to block – fermare, bloccare


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