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Dialoghi utili – Denunciare un crimine

Con questo dialogo impareremo come fare una denuncia alla polizia.


Police Officer:
Good afternoon, madam. What can I do for you?
Woman: I’d like to report a crime.
Police Officer: What’s happened?
Woman: My handbag has been snatched.
Police:  Where and when did the incident happen?
Woman: It’s was around 5 o’clock. I was walking towards Waterloo Station when I noticed this guy. He was following me. I was dialling my boyfriend’s
number when he snatched the bag out of my hand. I screamed for help, but he ran away in a minute and nobody could help me.
Police Officer: Can you describe him? What was he like? What was he wearing?
Woman: He was wearing a dark blue hooded jacket, and a pair of light blue jeans and boots.
Police Officer: What did the handbag contain?
Woman: My purse with my credit cards, my documents and my keys. Fortunately, he didn’t snatch my mobile as I was dialling my boyfriend’s number and it was in my hand.
Police Officer: Were there any witnesses?
Woman: There were some people who saw the incident but nobody came to my help.
Police Officer: I see, Miss Baker. I took the minutes and we are going to start the investigation soon.


What can I do for you?  – Cosa posso fare per lei?
I’d like to report a crime. – Vorrei denunciare un crimine.
What’s happened? – Cosa è succeso?
My handbag has been snatched. – Mi hanno scippato la borsa.
Where and when did the accident happen? – Quando e dove è successo?
Can you describe him? – Lo può descrivere?
What was he like? – Com’era?
What did the … contain? – Che cosa conteneva il/la… ?
Were there any witnesses? – C’erano dei testimoni?


to report – denunciare
crime – crimine, reato
to happen – succedere
handbag – borsetta
to snatch – strappare, scippare
incident – evento, fatto, episodio
to notice – notare


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