Dizionario di Pasqua con un breve dialogo

Pasqua sta arrivando, così vi ho portato un mini-dizionario con spiegazioni in modo da poter parlare della festa anche in inglese.

Pasqua sta arrivando, così vi ho portato un mini-dizionario con spiegazioni in modo da poter parlare della festa anche in inglese.

Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon after March 20th.

Carnival is the festive season which occurs immediately before Lent.

Lent is the forty day preparation period before Easter.

Ash Wednesday
It is common not to eat meat on Ash Wednesday.

The Last Supper
The Last Supper was the last meal Jesus shared with his disciples before his death.

The Holy Week
The Holy Week includes Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

The Crucifixion
Jesus was sentenced to crucifixion by Pontius Pilate.

The Resurrection   
The resurrection is said to have taken place on Easter Sunday.

The Lamb
It is common to have roast lamb on Easter Sunday.

The Ham
Many people prepare roast ham at Easter time.

The Candy
Most children eat candy on Easter Sunday.

The Easter Egg
These days Easter eggs are made of chocolate.

To Decorate Eggs
In many countries it is traditional to decorate chicken eggs.

The Easter Egg Hunt
Many children search for eggs in an Easter Egg Hunt.

The Easter Basket
When the children find the eggs, they put them in the Easter basket.

The Easter Bunny
The Easter Bunny brings chocolate eggs to children the night before Easter.

The Easter Chick
It is common to give chicks at Easter as a gift.

The Easter Lily
You can see many Easter lilies before Easter every year.


Anna and Paul are preparing for Easter.
Anna: We have to prepare the Easter lunch, the lamb, the potatoes…
Paul: And we have to decorate the eggs with the children and prepare for the Easter egg hunt.
Anna: Yes, they are really looking forward to it.
Paul: And don’t forget, we have to go to church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.
Anna: Of course. Let’s go!
Paul: Ok. Come on children!


to celebrate – celebrare, festeggiare
full moon – luna piena
festive – festivo
to occur – accadere
Lent – Quaresima
preparation period – periodo di preparazione
Ash Wednesday – Mercoledì delle Ceneri
Last Supper – Ultima Cena
meal – pasto
disciple – discepolo
to include – includere
Palm Sunday – Domenica delle Palme
Holy Thursday – Giovedì Santo
Good Friday – Venerdì Santo
to sentence to something – condannare a qualcosa
crucifixion – crocifissazione
resurrection – resurrezione
roast – arrrosto
ham – prosciutto
candy – caramella
traditional – tradizionale.
Easter egg hunt – caccia alle uova di Pasqua
basket – cestino
Easter Bunny – coniglietto di Pasqua
chick – pulcino
lily – giglio
church – chiesa


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