5 minuti d’inglese: 5 espressioni al giorno – UK slang

Impariamo 5 interessanti frasi gergali quotidiane dell’inglese britannico, cioè un po’ di slang!

1.crack-up//to crack up – molto divertente/ crisi di nervi/ scoppio di risate/ scoppio di risate

something or somebody who is very funny/a period of mental illness when someone suffers an emotional breakdown under pressure//burst into laughter/when something breaks into separate parts

2.doughsoldi, grana, sghei

money take/have a ganderdare un’occhiata 

to take/have a quick look at something/somebody be knackeredessere stanco morto 

to be very tired

5.yuckyschifo, schifoso

disgusting or unpleasant

Completate le frasi seguenti con i termini gergali.

1.Let me take a ____ (quick look) at your new car!

2.The show is a ____ (extremely funny) from start to finish.

3.Oh no, her chickpea salad is so ____ (disgusting). I can’t bear its smell.

4.He doesn’t want to work but he needs the ____ (money).

5.I’m sorry but I’m too ____ (tired) to go out this evening.

sources: Cambridge Dictionary; Collins Dictionary; Urban Dictionary


1.gender; 2. crack-up; 3. yucky; 4. dough; 5. knackered

to suffer from – soffrire di qualcosa

breakdown – crollo di nervi

to burst into laughter – scoppiarsi di risate

disgusting – schifoso

chickpea – ceci

can’t bear – non sopportare qualcosa


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