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DIALOGO UTILE: At the optician’s – Dall’ottico

Negli ultimi tempi, la mia vista si é deteriorata, cosí sono andata dall’ottico per farmi fare un bel paio di occhiali, e ne ho preparato anche una lezione con audio per voi.

Optician: Good morning. Can I help you, Madam?
Woman: Good morning. Yes, please. I’ve just seen the ophthalmologist and she’s given me a prescription for glasses.
Optician: Let me see. Have you worn spectacles or contact lenses before?
Woman: No, never. I went to have my eyes tested because I’ve often had headaches and have been having difficulty reading especially at night or in dim light recently. I’ve had to squint a lot and after a while, it has become most unpleasant.
Optician: Well, it’s quite natural with aging that people become long-sighted. But I agree that it was really time to see the ophthalmologist.
Woman: I’ve had a few pairs of ready readers from the drugstore, but my husband kept nagging me about having normal prescription glasses made.
Optician: Well, he was right. You can ruin your eyes even more with the wrong lenses. It’s better to be safe than sorry. What kind of frame would you like?
Woman: I don’t really like frames. I’d prefer rimless glasses.
Optician: I’m afraid it won’t be possible. Your doctor has prescribed you bifocal lenses and they fit better in a frame. We’ve got some beautiful frames, I’m sure you will find one that suits you.
Woman: I’m not very happy about having to wear specs all day. Aren’t contact lenses a better solution?
Optician: Well, maybe you could try them, but in that case, you should see the ophthalmologist again.
Woman: Oh, no, not again. I had to sit and wait there for three hours. Let’s go for the glasses then. How much will they cost with this frame?
Optician: That’s a two-for-one option. If you buy that frame it comes with a spare pair of glasses and the two cost 250 pounds altogether. It’s a real bargain and a spare pair of glasses comes in handy if you mislay your specs or they need to be repaired.
Woman: OK, I’ll take them. I hope I will be able to get used to wearing glasses all the time.
Optician: I’m sure you will. The frame really suits you. Enjoy wearing your glasses.


Let me see.Fammi vedere!
to have sy’s eyes testedavere gli occhi testato/fare una visita oculistica
to have difficulty reading – avere difficotlá a leggere
After a while, it has become most unpleasant. – Dopo un po’ é diventato molto spiacevole.
It’s quite natural with aging. – É un processso naturale dell’invecchiamento.
It was really time to see the ophthalmologist. – Era ora di fare una visita oculistica.
My husband kept nagging me about… – Mio marito mi tormentavas su …
It’s better to be safe than sorry. – Meglio prevenire che curare.
I’m afraid it won’t be possible. – Mi dispiace, ma quello non é possibile.
I’m sure you will find one that suits you. – Sono sicuro che troverai quello che ti si addice.
Let’s go for the glasses then. – Vabbene, allora facciamoci fli occhiali.
It’s a real bargain. – É un vero affare.
It comes in handy if … – É utile se …
The frame really suits you. – La montatura é di vostro gradimento.
Enjoy wearing your glasses. Goditi gli occhiali!


optician – ottico
ophthalmologist – oftalmologo
prescription – ricetta
spectacles, specs, glasses – occhiali
contact lenses – lenti a contatto
dim light – luce fioca
to squint – strizzare gli occhi
aging – invecchiamento
long-sighted – presbite
short-sighted – miope
ready reader – occhiali da lettura (pronti a portare)
prescription glasses – occhiali con prescrizione oculistica
frame – montatura
rimless glasses – contatura a giorno
to come with – venire con qualcosa
spare pair of glasses occhiali di riserva
to mislay sg – non riuscire a trovare.


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