ALLOGGIO – Cleaning services – Servizi di pulizia

Con l’aiuto del seguente dialogo imparerai come chiedere servizi di pulizia ad un albergo. Ascolta anche il testo!

Reception, good afternoon. May I help you?

Man: Yes. This is George Winston. I have some clothes to be cleaned.
Receptionist: Certainly, sir. What´s your room number, please?
Man: Room 428.
Receptionist: All right, sir.
Man: Where shall I take them?
Receptionist: I’ll send somebody up to get them right away.
Man: Thank you very much. I also have a suit to be ironed by 7 pm tonight.
Receptionist: All right, sir. There is a large blue plastic bag in the wardrobe. Put your laundry in it, so that they can be taken away to be washed. You can also give the suit to the maid. She’ll take care of everything.
Man: Thank you very much. How can I get back the suit? I’ll be wearing it tonight, so make sure it is ready by 7 pm.
Receptionist: The maid will bring it back to your room by 7 pm.
Man: What about the laundry? Will that be ready by 9 tomorrow morning?
Receptionist: Certainly, sir. It will be taken to your room when ready.
Man: Thank you very much.


May I help you?Posso aiutarla?
I have some … to be cleaned.Ho alcuni … che devono essere lavati.
What’s your … number?Qual’è il suo numero di ….?
Where shall I take it/them?Dove devo portarli?
I’ll send somebody up right away.Le manderò qualcuno a ritirarli imediatamente.
I have a/an … be ironed.Ho un … che deve essere stirato.
It/They will be taken away to be washed.Potranno essere presi per essere lavati.
She’ll take care of everything.Lei si occuperà di tutto.
How can I get back the …?Come posso riaverlo / riaverli indietro …?
Make sure it is ready by – Siate sicuri che sia tuto pronto entro le / per le.
The maid will bring it back.La domestica /la donna delle pulizie lo / li riporterà indietro.
What about the …? E a proposito del / dei…?
It will be taken to your room.Saranno riportati in camera sua.


to have something cleaned – fare lavare qualcosa
to send somebody upmandare qualcuno
right away – immediatamente

suit abito / completo da uomo
to have something ironedFare stirare qualcosa
plastic bagborsa / sacchetto di plastica
wardrobe guardaroba
laundry – lavanderia
maid domestica / donna delle pulizie / cameriera
to take care of …prendersi cura di…
to get something backriavere indietro qualcosa


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