Fare shopping/la spesa

FARE SHOPPING/LA SPESA – At the butcher’s – Dal macellaio

Per comprare carne, devi andare dal macellaio. Vediamo come farlo in inglese.

Good morning, madam! What can I get for you?
Woman: I’d like half a kilo of minced meat, please.
Butcher: What kind of meat you prefer? Beef, pork, lamb?
Woman: Beef.
Butcher: Would you like the regular or the extra lean? The extra lean is a bit more expensive.
Woman: I’ll take the regular. Could you also get me four thick pork chops and two chicken breasts?
Butcher: I’m sorry, but we’re out of chicken breasts right now. I can give you some thighs, instead.
Woman: No, thanks. I’ll just take 300 grams of cooked ham. Slice it thinly, please. I’ll also need two steaks.
Butcher: We have T-bone, rib eye, and sirloin steaks. The rib eye is probably the most tender of them all.
Woman: … then I’ll take two of those.
Butcher: Okay, anything else?
Woman: No, I think that’s all for now. 


What can I get for you?Cosa posso darle?
What kind of … do you prefer?Quale tipo di… preferisce?
Would you like the regular or the extra lean?Volete la parte normale o quella extra magra ?
The extra lean is a bit more expensive.Quella extra magra è un po’ più costosa.
I’ll take the regular.Prenderò quella normale.
Could you also get me…?Mi può anche dare …?
I’m sorry but we are out of … .Mi dispiace ma abbiamo finito il….
I can give you … instead.Al posto di… posso darle il ….
Anything else?Qualcos’altro?


minced meat carne macinata/tritata
to preferpreferire
cheap economico/a
pork chop braciola di maiale
chicken breastpetto di pollo
to be out of …avere esaurito…
chicken thighcoscia di pollo
insteadinvece, al posto di…
to slice thinly – tagliare finemente
T-bone – bistecca alla fiorentina
rib eyecostata
sirloin steaklombata
tenderloin – filetto


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