Fare shopping/la spesa

FARE SHOPPING/LA SPESA – What make is it? – Che prodotto é?

Da questo dialogo imparerai come chiedere informazioni sull’origine di un prodotto.

Good afternoon! Could you help me, please?

Shop assistant: Sure. How can I help you?
Man: I’m looking to buy a pair of headphones. Not too expensive, but good quality.
Shop assistant: I see. What about this one?
Man: How much is it?
Shop assistant: It’s 15.99 pounds. It’s got a flexible headband, so also single-sided listening is possible.
Man: It’s a little expensive. Do you have a cheaper one?
Sales clerk: Yes. This one’s only 12.99 pounds.
Woman: What make is it?
Sales clerk: It’s a Panasonic RP-HT227. It’s foldable, so very convenient for travelling, too.
Woman: Okay. I’ll take it. 


Could you help me, please?Mi potrebbe aiutare, per favore?
How can I help you?Come posso aiutarla?
I’m looking to buy …. .Sto cercando di acquistare … .
Not too expensive, but good quality.Non troppo costoso ma di qualità.
I see.Capisco.
What about this one?  – Cosa ne dice di questo?
How much is it?Quanto costa?
It’s a little too expensive.É un po’ troppo costoso.
Do you have a cheaper one?Ne avete uno più economico?
What make is it?Che prodotto è?
It’s convenient for travelling.É comodo per viaggiare.
I’ll take it.Lo prendo.


a pair of …un paio di …
cheap economico
flexible flessibile
single-sided – da un lato solo
convenient conveniente/comodo



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