SALUTE – At the doctor’s – Dal dottore

Good morning, Mr Morgan!

Man: Good morning!
Doctor: How do you feel, Mr Morgan?
Man: Not very well.
Doctor: What’s your problem? What can I do for you?
Man: I have a terrible headache. I’m coughing and my nose is running.
Doctor: Do you have a fever?
Man: No, fortunately I don’t have a fever but sometimes I feel a bit dizzy.
Doctor: I see. Get undressed, please. I have to examine you.
Man: All right.
Doctor: Well, I don’t see anything serious, but I think you should stay at home for a few days. You shouldn’t go to work. You should drink a lot of hot tea, but you shouldn’t drink any cold drinks. If you feel worse, come back.
Man: Thank you. Do I have to take any medicine?
Doctor: Yes, you have to take these pills three times a day always before your meals.
Man: All right. Thank you very much. Bye!
Doctor: Bye! 


How do you feel?Come ti senti?
Not very well.Non molto bene.
I feel ill./I feel sick.  – Mi sento malato./ Mi sento male.
What’s your problem?Cosa avete?
What can I do for you?Cosa posso fare per Lei?
I’m coughing./ My nose is running.  – Tossisco./Mi gocciola il naso.
Get undressed! I have to examine you! Si spogli! Devo visitarla!
All right.Va bene.
I don’t see anything serious.Non vedo nulla di grave.
Do I have to take any medicine?Devo prendere qualche medicina?
Take these pills … times a day before/after your meals.Prenda queste pillole … volte al giorno prima/dopo i pasti.


to have a … acheavere un dolore a… …
headache/stomach ache/earache/toothachemal di testa/mal di stomaco/mal d’orecchie/mal di denti
to have a sore throatavere la di gola
to have nausea/to have diarrhoeaavere nausea/avere la diarrea
to be constipatedessere costipato
to be/feel sickstare/sentirsi male
to have a temperature/a feveravere la febbre
to feel dizzyavere giramenti di testa
to examinevisitare
to feel worse/bettersentirsi peggio/meglio
to take medicineprendere una medicina


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