SALUTE – Visiting the doctor’s office – Andare dal medico

Ecco, un dialogo che si svolge dal dottore. Ascolta anche l’audio per la pronuncia giusta!

Good morning, madam. Take a seat, please.
Woman: Good morning.
Doctor: What’s the problem?
Woman: I have a terrible pain in my stomach.
Doctor: Do you have diarrhoea? Or any other symptoms?
Woman: Yes, I have diarrhoea and I also feel sick all the time.
Doctor: When did it start?
Woman: Yesterday night. I ate at a seafood restaurant before.
Doctor: Take off your clothes, please. … All right. Tell me if it hurts or not.
Woman: Ouch! It hurts!
Doctor: Hopefully it’s just indigestion, but to be sure I’ll ask for a blood test and a urine sample.
Woman: Shall I come back?
Doctor: No, the nurse will do the tests right now… and here is a prescription to ease the pains.
Woman: Thank you very much.


Take/have a seat!Si sieda!
What’s the problem? Qual è il problema?
I have a (terrible) pain in … .Ho un dolore terribile a…
Do you have diarrhoea? Ha la diarrea?
Do you have other symptoms?Ha altri sintomi?
Take off your clothes, please.Si spogli, per favore!
Tell me if it hurts.Mi dica se fa male.
Hopefully it’s just indigestion.Probabilmente è solo un’indigestione.
I’ll ask for a blood test and a urine sample.Chiederò delle analisi del sangue e di un campione di urina.
Shall I come back?Devoi tornare nuovamente?
Here is a prescription to ease the pains.Ecco una prescrizione per alleviare i dolori.


to take/to have a seatsedersi
to feel sicksentirsi male
seafood restaurantristorante di pesce
to take off one’s clothestogliersi i propri vestiti
to hurtfare male
indigestion indigestione
blood testesame del sangue
urine samplecampione di urine
prescription ricetta/prescrizione medica
to ease the painalleviare il dolore


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