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Descrizione una fotografia in inglese – livello B1 (elementary) e B2 (intermedio)

Descrivere una fotografia in inglese è una classica prova di ogni esame, vediamo ora due esempi (livello B1 e B2) con audio e vocabolario.

Elementary –  B1

In the picture, I can see a young man with a dog on the top of a mountain. He has a backpack on his back and he’s wearing warm clothes, a waterproof jacket, a scarf and a hat. He is thin and he has a moustache and a beard. He is looking at the beautiful sight. In the distance, there are a few more mountains. The weather is nice, the sky is clear, but it’s probably cold. In the background, there are tall pine trees. The man and the dog are standing on a fallen log. The dog is white and it is a husky if I’m not mistaken. They are hiking in the mountains. The backpack is full, there is a water bottle on the side of it and a polyfoam on the bottom. Dogs like walking and running on hills and mountains and it’s important to walk them regularly. If the weather is good I like hiking. There is a nice little hill near my home where I can do it. You need strong shoes for hiking and it’s good to take a raincoat with you in case it rains. Hiking is good exercise and fun.

Intermediate –  B2

The picture was taken on the top of a mountain and there is a young man in it with his dog admiring the view from above. It’s a beautiful view. In the distance, you can see the silhouettes of big mountains, the clear blue sky with a few fluffy clouds and lots of pine trees. It must be a high mountain where they are standing because there are pine trees around them. I still remember that we’ve learnt at the biology lesson that pine trees grow at around 800 – 1000 metres. The dog is big and white and has a thick coat. I’m sure it’s a husky because I used to have a husky when I was a child. Huskies are a bit similar to wolves and they usually have blue eyes. Sometimes their eyes are not even the same colour. They are strong and like most dogs, they love walking and running. This dog is surely happy that its owner has taken it for a hike. Hiking is a popular pastime among those who like hills and mountains. When you go hiking you must wear strong sturdy shoes and it’s good to wear layers of clothes. A waterproof jacket is a must and it’s advisable to take along enough water in a durable backpack. This young man is carrying a black backpack with a water bottle in its side pocket and there is a polyfoam attached to it. Maybe they are going to spend the night on the mountain and probably there is a sleeping bag in the backpack. They are standing on a fallen pine tree. Its pine needles are dry and brown, so the tree must have fallen a long time ago. If I were there and were in their place I would take lots of photos to show the beauty of the place to my friends in the pictures.

backpack zaino
waterproof impermeabile
moustache baffi
in the distance nella distanza
pine tree pino
fallen log tronco caduto
if I’m not mistaken se non mi sbaglio
in case it rains se piove
silhouette sagoma
fluffy soffice, coperto di pelo morbido
coat giacca
wolf lupo
owner proprietario
sturdy solido, robusto
layers of clothes strati di vestiti
is a must é obbligatorio
advisable consigliabile
durable durevole
attached unito, attacato
sleeping bag sacco a pelo
pine needle ago di pino


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