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Advertising vocabulary – Vocabolario sul linguaggio delle pubblicità

Eccovi un quiz interattivo per praticare il linguaggio delle pubblicità!

ad abbr. advertisement – advert abbr. pubblicità
advertisement n. item of publicity for a product or service, in magazine, on TV etc pubblicità, spot pubblicitario
advertising agency n. company specialising in producing and placing advertisements for clients agenzia di pubblicità
AIDA abbr. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action – the objective of all advertisements Attenzione, Interesse, Desiderio,
benefit n. advantage of a product or service, usually derived from its features vantaggio
billboard US n. signboard, usually outdoors, for advertising posters; hoarding UK manifesto
circulation n. average number of copies of a magazine sold in a particular period circolazione
classified ads n. small advertisements in magazine or newspaper categorised by subject piccolo annuncio
commercial n. paid advertisement on radio or TV pubblicità (televisione)
coupon n. part of a printed advertisement used for ordering goods, samples etc coupon, buono, voucher
double-page spread n. advertisement printed across 2 pages in a magazine or newspaper pubblicità su due pagine in un giornale o rivista
eye-catcher US n. something that especially attracts one’s attention – eye-catching adj. qualcosa molto appariscente
features n. special characteristics of a product, usually leading to certain benefits caratteristiche
hoarding UK n. signboard, usually outdoors, for advertising posters; billboard US manifesto
poster n. large sheet of paper, usually illustrated, used as advertisement poster, manifesto
prime time n. hours on radio & TV with largest audience, esp. the evening hours prima serata
promote v. to (try to) increase sales of a product by publicising and advertising it promuovere
slot n. specific time in a broadcasting schedule, when a commercial may be shown spazio (pubblicitario)
target n. objective; what one is aiming at – target audience n. oggetto (bersaglio)
U.S.P. abbr. Unique Selling Proposition; what makes a product different from others qualità individuale del prodotto  


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