5 minuti d’inglese – MOVIE: Elvis

Guardate questo clip del film biografico su Elvis, che uscirà a luglio, vi ho aggiunto anche un esercizio di ascolto (con soluzioni) e un glossario!

Dopo aver visto il video, completate le frasi in base a ciò che avete sentito. Per aiutarvi, vi abbiamo indicato la prima lettera iniziale delle parole.

– We all know the icon of Elvis but what always 1. f____me about the intricacies of the human being, and he was the American 2. d____.

That’s an amazing thing, but that’s also problematic when it comes to 3. e____his life. As Elvis said,  it’s very hard to live up to an 4. i____. And Austin went on an 5. e____ three-year journey to discover the human being.

– ’Some people wanted to put man in jail ’cause the way I was 6. m____.

– I started with just being a sponge, reading every book that I could get my 7. h____on, watching everything and every image that I possibly could find, treating it like a 8. d____, and then also working with a number of different vocal coaches on singing and working on that because the 9. v____is so important with him.

– It’s just been an 10. i____ joy to see Austin create such a dynamic portrayal of Elvis.

– I have to say, you could not take your eyes off of Austin Butler, no matter what the scene was.  Whether he’s up on stage, 11. p____, singing, full-on, full-tilt. The close-to-the-vest dedication was 12. i____right off the bat.

– You want to do them 13. j____, and you want to honor them and their life. He was such an extraordinary human being, larger than life itself. It has been that thing of ’how do you climb Mount Everest’? Just one 14. s____at a time.

source: Baz Luhrmann’s ELVIS, “Becoming Elvis”, Warner Bros. Pictures, Youtube


1.fascinates; 2. dream; 3. exploring; 4. image; 5. extraordinary; 6.moving; 7. hands; 8. detective; 9. voice; 10. incredible; 11. performing; 12. impressive; 13. justice; 14. step

to fascinate affascinare
intricacies complessità
amazing sorprendente
when it comes to quando si tratta di
to explore esplorare
to live up to essere all’altezza
extraordinary straordinario
to discover scoprire
jail prigione
sponge spugna
to treat trattare  
vocal coaches allenatori vocali  
incredible incredibile  
to take your eyes off per distogliere lo sguardo  
no matter non importa  
scene scena  
full-on, full-tilt pieno, pieno e pieno  
close-to-the-vest dedication dedizione totale  
off the bat fuori dal coro  
extraordinary straordinario  


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