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5 espressioni al giorno – Slang americano

Impariamo di nuovo 5 espressioni dello slang americano!

1.it’s cringe/to cringemolto imbarazzante 

it’s a very embarrassing situation or action you shouldn’t have done; to feel embarrassed in a situation

2.You do you!Sii te stesso! 

Be yourself, do what you need to do

3.sketchy losco, sospetto 

not completely safe or not completely honest

4.to slide into your DMsintrufolarsi nelle vostre chat, nei messaggi diretti (inviare un messaggio diretto a qualcuno per flirtare)

to direct message someone on Instagram or on Twitter and this message is a flirtatious one

5.sus – suspicious – sospettoso, diffidente

making you feel that something illegal is happening or that something is wrong

sources: Cambridge Dictionary, Collins Dictionary

Completate le frasi seguenti con le espressioni che avete imparato.

1.I wouldn’t trust your workmate. I’ve heard that he’s ___.

2.Your girlfriend’s dumped you? Put on your best shirt, smile, go out with us and ____!

3.Wow, your friend is pretty. I’m gonna ____ if she’s one of your friends on Insta.

4.There are some ____ characters hanging around our house.

5.I ____ at the sight of my boss dancing at the party.


1.sketchy; 2.you do you;  3.slide into her DMs; 4.sus; 5.cringed


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