5 Of America’s Most Overrated Tourist Attractions

The United States is packed with amazing achievements of both humankind and nature with so many options. There are a few that although popular may not be the best use of one’s precious vacation time.

Here are five of America’s most overrated tourist attractions.

Number five: Mount Rushmore

The real excitement surrounding these massive heads happened decades ago. Ninety percent of the sculpting was done with dynamite and it lasted about four hundred fifty thousand tons of rock from the mountain. The rubble still sits at the attractions base.

Number four: Empire State Building

Sure Sleepless in Seattle makes the observation deck seem like the most romantic place in the world. Note that visitors who like the major movie studio helped it takes to gain exclusive access most often find themselves in one seriously crowded space plus the view is not the finest the Big Apple has to offer.

Number three: Hollywood walk of fame

Every year about 10 million tourists descend upon the star-filled sidewalk. There to greet them are countless souvenir vendors, people selling maps to the stars homes and pickpockets. Celebrities on the other hand are not often around unless you count the impersonators and wax likenesses.

Number two: San Francisco’s lombard street

No doubt it’s twisting and turning hill is a sight to see. It makes for a drive down to remember but is it worth sitting in all that traffic for a minute maybe two of five mile per hour fun.

Number one: Statue of Liberty

Here’s the thing, by design the statue is really really big so people can see it from a distance. There really is no need to take a ferry all the way to Ellis Island to appreciate the command she takes of the skyline or reflect upon the promise she has represented for so many over the decades.

Which tourist attraction do you think is most overrated?

source: Geobeats

Match the words and definitions:

1. rubble a) to recognize the good or special qualities of a person, place or thing
2. pickpocket b) someone who sells something, but not in a shop
3. vendor c) broken pieces of stone and brick from buildings, walls, etc. that have been destroyed
4. to  appreciate d) loved or valued by someone
5. precious e) someone who steals money and other things from people’s pockets and bags, especially in crowded places

 Key: 1-c, 2-e, 3-b, 4-a, 5-d

to be packed with erssere pieno di
humankind umanità
precious prezioso
overrated sopravvalutato
attractions attrazioni
sculpting scolpire
rubble macerie, detriti
observation deck terrazza panoramica
exclusive esclusivo
to descend scendere
vendor venditore
pickpocket borseggiatore
impersonator imitatore
wax likeness statue di cera
worth valere
appreciate apprezzate
skyline orizzonte, profilo
decade decade


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