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Vocabulary builder: Words about peace

Here is the list of words related to peacekeeping.

definition: a formal or official agreement between two countries, governments or groups of people – accordo
example: The Paris Peace Accords – Gli accordi di pace di Parigi
A peace accord was signed to end the war. – Un accordo di pace fu firmato per terminare la guerra.

definition: a contract, promise or decision about what to do or will happen, made by two or more  different people or groups  – contratto
a verbal [=not written] agreement – intesa
a peace/trade agreement – un’intesa di pace/commercio
example: An agreement was reached between both sides. –  Una intesa venne raggiunta fra le due parti.
Finally they have come to an agreement. – Alla fine sono giunti a una intesa.
Don’t sign the rental agreement before reading all the terms carefully. – Non firmare il contratto di affitto prima di aver letto attentamente le condizioni.

to appease
definition: to give someone what they want in order to avoid conflict with them – calmare, tranquillizzare
example: They tried to appease the dictator to keep the peace. – Cercarono di tranquillizzare il dittatore per mantenere la pace.

definition: a formal agreement between two countries involved in a war to stop fighting and negotiate a peace – armistizio
example: Finally, they agreed to an armistice after six years of war. – Alla fine si accordarono per un armistizio dopo sei anni di guerra.

definition: an agreement between enemies to stop fighting for a period of time, especially to discuss making peace – cessate il fuoco
example: a ceasefire agreement – un accordo di cessate il fuoco
to call a ceasefire – dichiarare un cessate il fuoco
They were accused of violating the ceasefire. – Furono accusati di aver vilato il cessate il fuoco.
The rebel groups ended the ceasefire. – Il gruppo di ribelli fece finire il cessate il fuoco.

to negotiate
definition: to have discussions about something  in order to reach a desired agreement or find a solution to the problem – negoziare
example: The parties are willing to negotiate a resolution to the political crisis. – I partiti volevano negoziare una risoluzione per i problemi politici.
The government will refuse to negotiate with the opposition. – Il governo rifiuterà di negoziare con l’opposizione.

definition: discussions between people who are trying to reach a desired agreement – negoziazione
example: Peace negotiations – negoziati di pace
Finally, two sides reached an agreement after lengthy negotiations. – Infine i due schieramenti trovarono un’intesa dopo lunghe negoziazioni.
The price is open to negotiation. – Il prezzo è negoziabile.
The government refused to open/enter into negotiations with the rebel forces. – Il governo rifiutò di negoziare con le forze ribelli.

olive branch
definition: something that is offered to someone in order to show that you want to make peace; a symbol of peace – ramoscello d’ulivo, gesto di pace
example: to extend/offer/hold out an olive branch to someone – offrire un gesto di pace a qualcuno
The government held out an olive branch to the demonstrators by reducing taxes. – Il governo offrì un segnale di pace ai dimostranti riducendo le tasse.

definition: the belief that the war and violence are wrong and that people should settle all disputes in a peaceful way – pacifismo
example: It was the destruction of their cities that converted them to pacifism. – Fu la distruzione delle loro città che li convertì al pacifismo.

to pacify
definition: to establish or restore peace in a country or an area, especially by using military force – pacificare
example: The government forces failed to pacify the troubled region. – Le forze governative fallirono nel riappacificare la regione.

definition: a situation in which there is no war or fighting in an area – pace
example: Peace be with you. – Che la pace sia con te!
They’ve always lived together in peace. – Sono sempre vissuti assieme in pace.

peace talks
definition: a conference or series of discussions aimed at ending hostilities – colloqui di pace
example: The result of the peace talks is peace at last.  – Il risultato dei colloqui di pace è la pace, alla fine.

world peace
definition: World peace or peace on Earth is an ideal state of freedom, peace, and happiness among and within all nations and peoples. – pace mondiale
example: There is no one that does not long for world peace. – Non c’è nessuno che non desideri la pace mondiale.

definition: a special soldier in a military force  who has been sent to prevent violence in an area where there is fighting or a war – corpo di pace armato
example: The peacekeepers’ task is a hard and delicate matter. – La forza armata per la pace è un argomento difficile e delicato.

definition: the activity of restoring the peace in a troubled area – békefenntartás
a peacekeeping force/mission – békefenntartó erő/küldetés
example: Peacekeeping is very important in a world torn by war.  – Egy háborútól sújtott világban nagyon fontos a békefenntartás.

definition: a person who tries to persuade people or countries to stop fighting or arguing and bring peace – pacificatore
example: Being a peacemaker isn’t always a grateful task.  – Essere un pacificatore non è sempre un compito grato.

definition: a period of time during which there is no conflict or war between two or more countries – tempo di pace
example: There has been an increase in military spending even in peacetime. – C’è stato un aumento della spesa militare perfino in tempo di pace.

definition: money that is paid by a defeated country for damages or expenses it caused to another country during a war – riparazioni
example: Reparations increased the cost of the war many times. – Molte volte le riparazioni accrescono i costi della guerra.

to surrender
definition: to stop fighting and agree that you have been defeated – arrendersi
example: The enemy forces refused to surrender. – Le forze nemiche rifiutarono di arrendersi.

definition: a formal written agreement between two or more countries or international organizations – trattato
example: a peace treaty – un trattato di pace
The treaty was ratified by six countries. – Il trattato venne ratificato da sei nazioni.

definition: an agreement to stop fighting or arguing  for a short time – tregua
example: The gangs agreed to a truce. – Le bande si accordarono per una tregua.

white flag
definition: a flag that is raised or waved as a symbol of truce or ceasefire, or a wish to stop fighting  – bandiera bianca
example: They were attacked despite their waving a white flag. – Furono attaccati nonostante stessero sventolando una bandiera bianca.


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