esercizi di grammatica

Scelta multipla 1. – livello intermedio

Scegli la risposta giusta! Alla fine dell’esercizio, trovi anche la soluzione.

Scegli la risposta giusta! Alla fine dell’esercizio, trovi anche la soluzione.

1. If someone yells “Look out” at you,

a) you are seeing double
b) you are about to get hurt
c) you are staring at them
d) you are looking in

2. He usually …… mineral water, but now he ……… wine.

a) is drinking … drinks
b) drinks … is drinking
c) drinks … drinks
d) is drinking … is drinking

3. ……… softball? I love it!

a) Do you ever played
b) Did you ever play
c) Have you ever played
d) Did you ever played

4. I …….. doing my daily exercise.

a) have just finished
b) am finishing
c) just finished
d) has just finished

5. I don’t believe ….. reincarnation, but we will see.

a) into
b) in
c) for
d) at

6. We ……… to her, but she seemed honest.

a) would have listened
b) should listen
c) should have listened
d) shouldn’t have listened

7. I ……. her offer. It wasn’t good enough.

a) denounced
b) derelict
c) decided
d) declined

8. You company needs some ……. on its PR team.

a) fresh blood
b) red blood
c) freshen
d) fresh as a daisy

9. By the end of the decade scientists …….. a cure for this illness.

a) are discovering
b) will discovered
c) have discovered
d) will have discovered

10. Can you ……. at 8 o’clock? I can give you the book then.

a) drop for
b) drop by
c) pop for
d) drag

11. We ………. my aunt next Friday at 5. It’s already decided.

a) have visited
b) will visit
c) are visiting
d) visited

12. If only I ……. a nice apartment.

a) find
b) found
c) had find
d) was finding

13. I called her at 6. I knew he ………. home by then.

a) would have got
b) will have got
c) gets
d) got

14. You are in a difficult situation. I really ……. you

a) feel up
b) sense for
c) sense at
d) feel for

15. I see my ex-boyfriend ……., so hardly ever.

a) once in a cheese moon
b) once in a blue moon
c) once under the sun
d) once in a golden moon

16. You won’t be nervous, ……?

a) are you
b) won’t you
c) will you
d) wouldn’t you

17. The CEO decided to ……… the factory.

a) shut down
b) shut back
c) shout down
d) shun down

18. ………. your homework? It’s getting late.

a) Have you done
b) Has you done
c) Have you do
d) Had you

19. He was speaking too softly, so we asked her to ……. a little.

a) speak in
b) speak up
c) talk off
d) talk up

20. I asked her where her husband …….. before the show.

a) goes
b) has gone
c) had gone
d) had been gone

key: 1-b, 2-b, 3-c, 4-a, 5-b, 6-d, 7-d, 8-a, 9-d, 10-b, 11-c, 12-b, 13-a, 14-d, 15-b, 16-c, 17-a, 18-a, 19-b, 20-c


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