SALUTE – At the chemist’s – In farmacia

Vediamo un dialogo utile che si svolge alla farmacia.

Good morning!
Man: Good morning! Can you make up this prescription, please?
Chemist: Yes. Would you like anything else?
Man: Yes, do you have any medicine for diarrhoea?
Chemist: Certainly. I recommend these tablets, but if it won’t stop it two days, you should see a doctor.
Man: Of course. I’d also like a packet of throat lozenges and two packets of band aids.
Chemist: What kind of throat lozenges do you need? Do you have a sore throat or do you have a dry cough?
Man: Both. I’ve been coughing a lot recently, and I guess the sore throat is a result of that.
Chemist: I see. What flavour do you prefer? We have mint, lemon and honey.
Man: Honey, please.
Chemist: Anything else?
Man: No, thank you. That’s all.

Can you make up this prescription?Potrebbe soddisfare questa prescrizione?
Would you like anything else? Vuole qualcos’ altro?
Do you have any medicine for …?  Ha qualche medicina per …?
I recommend this/these … . Io Le consiglio questo/questi … .  
What kind of … do you need?Che tipo di … ha bisogno?
I’ve been coughing a lot recently.Ultimamente ho spesso la tosse.
I guess it is a result of that.Secondo me, questo é il risultato di (quel problema).
What flavour do you prefer?Quale gusto preferisce?
That’s all.É tutto questo.=Basta cosí.

to make up a prescriptionsoddisfare/preparare un a ricotta
prescription prescrizione, ricetta
diarrhoea diarrea
to recommendconsligliare
nose drops/antifebrile/laxativegocce per il naso/antipiretico/lassativo
to see a doctorandare dal dottore  
throat lozengescaramelle per la gola
band aid/bandagecerotto/benda
pregnancy test/condomtest di gravidanza/profilattico
antiseptic gelgel antisettico
flavour gusto
to preferpreferire 


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