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Want a Domino’s for dinner? Well, it might be cheaper to fly to Italy and eat a pizza in the country that invented it. That’s, according to Callum Ryan, one of those young influencers on the web, who wanted to see if it could actually be done.

One Domino’s pizza can easily set people back £19.99, and that’s ‘before you think about delivery’, Callum says.

After finding a ridiculously cheap last-minute ticket to Milan for £8, he put his idea to the test. Callum films himself arriving in the glamorous city, before sitting down for what looks like a Margherita he says cost less than £10. His overall expenditure came to £17.72, supposedly lower than it would have cost him to stay at home and order in.

What Callum failed to mention was how much it cost him to get from the airport to the restaurant, and whether he even paid for a return ticket. Lucky Callum also got a complimentary glass of prosecco and a pesto pizza roll at the top-rated restaurant.

He decided to buy a drink to go with the pizza, but said this was an ‘optional extra’ so didn’t include it in the overall cost. Viewers on TikTok were understandably shocked by the good value, with one saying: ‘Is no one going to acknowledge the fact he bought a plane ticket for £8?’

source: Metro


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