Pretty Woman: Dinner Scene

Guarda la scena del “Pretty Woman”, poi leggi il testo e impara le parole importanti. 

VIVIAN: Barney!
BARNEY: It didn’t fit.
VIVIAN: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Uh – I’ve got a little problem.
BARNEY: All right, Miss Vivian, one more time. Dinner napkin.
VIVIAN: Dinner napkin, laid gently in the lap.
BARNEY: Good. Elbows off the table. Don’t slouch. Shrimp fork, salad fork, dinner fork.
VIVIAN: I definitely have the salad fork. The rest of the silverware is a little confusing.
BARNEY: All right, if you get nervous, just count the tines. Four tines: dinner fork. And sometimes there are three tines in the salad fork. And sometimes …
WAITER: This way, Mr. Lewis. Your party is waiting.
EDWARD: Stop fidgeting.
EDWARD: Mr. Morse.
MORSE: Yes, Mr. Lewis. I’m Jim Morse. This fireball is my grandson, David.
DAVID: Well, I don’t know about the fireball part, but grandson is true enough.
EDWARD: I’m pleased to meet you both. This is a friend of mine, Vivian Ward.
VIVIAN: Hi. I’m really glad to meet you.
WAITER: Please, sit.
VIVIAN: Excuse me.
EDWARD: Where are you going ?
VIVIAN: I’m going to the ladies’ room.
EDWARD: Upstairs, to the right.
VIVIAN: Okay. Excuse me.
EDWARD: Shall I order for you ?
VIVIAN: Yeah. Please do so. Thank you.
EDWARD: I’ll do that.
DAVID: Mr. Lewis, my grandfather believes the men who create a company… should control its destiny.
VIVIAN: Where’s the salad ?
EDWARD: Uh, the salad comes at the end of the meal.
VIVIAN: That’s the fork I knew.
DAVID: Let me, uh, put it another way. Between your public statements and the rumors flying around on this thing, we find it very hard to figure out what your real intentions are.
MORSE: I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been able to figure which goes with what!
DAVID: You know, there was a time when we built ships the size of cities. Men like my grandfather made this country.
VIVIAN: Who ordered this ?
WAITER: The gentleman did, ma’am. Bon appetite.
EDWARD: These are escargot. It’s French for snails. It’s a delicacy. Try it. David ?
DAVID: Mr. Lewis, if you were to get control– and I don’t think you will– but if you did, what do you plan to do with the company ?
EDWARD: Break it up and sell off the pieces.
MORSE: I’m sure you’ll understand I’m not thrilled at the idea… of your turning fourty years of my work into your garage sale.
EDWARD: At the price I’m paying for this stock, Mr. Morse, you are going to be a very rich man.
MORSE: I’m rich enough. I just want to head my shipyard.
VIVIAN: Slippery little suckers.
WAITER: It happens all the time.
MORSE: I met your father. What’s his name ?
EDWARD: Carter.
MORSE: Yeah. Carter. Carter Lewis. He’s not quite the bastard everybody says he is.
EDWARD: No, I have the franchise on that.
MORSE: Does that make him proud?
EDWARD: I doubt it. It doesn’t really matter now. He passed away.


napkin – tovagliolo
gently – gentilmente
in the lap – nel grembo
elbow – gomito
to slouch – curvare, incurvare
shrimp – gamberetto
tine – rebbo, dente della forchetta
to fidget – agitarsi di continuo
the ladies’ room – bagno delle signore
destiny – destino
Let me put it another way. – Fammelo dire in un altro modo.
rumor – pettegolezzo
intention – intenzione

delicacy – prelibatezza
sell off – svendere
to be thrilled – essere entusiasta
garage sale – mercatino dell’usato
stock – azioni, titoli
shipyard – cantiere navale
slippery – viscido
sucker – idiota, fesso, babbeo
It happens all the time. – Succede ogni volta.
bastard – bastardo
to pass away – venire a mancare, morire



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