LISTENING B1: Buying clothes

Listening B1 – Ascoltate il dialogo e rispondete alle domande in inglese.

Listening B1 – Ascoltate il dialogo e rispondete alle domande in inglese.

Listen to the dialogue and answer the questions in English.

  1. Where are the jumpers in the shop?
  2. What does the shop assistant say about the selection?
  3. He shows two jumpers to the woman. What are they like?
  4. Which one does the woman buy and what does the assistant say about it?
  5. What blouse would the woman like to buy?
  6. What does she think about the blouse the assistant recommends to her?
  7. What will the woman do the next week and why?

Buying clothes

Man: May I help you?
Woman: Yes, please. I’m looking for a jumper.
M: The jumpers are there on those shelves near the shop window behind the counter. What size do you wear?
W: Size 38.
M: We have quite a large selection in that size. What colour would you like?
W: Red. Maybe green.
M: What do you think of this green one with the stripes? Or that red one with the starry pattern?
W: They look great. Especially this red one. Can I try it on?
M: Of course!
W: Yes, it fits. How much does it cost?
M: £45.
W: That’s expensive.
M: That’s right, it’s not cheap. But the quality is really excellent. It’s definitely worth the price.
W: Well, I think I’ll take it then.
M: How about something else? Would you like to look around the shop?
W: Well, I also need a blouse.
M: How much should it cost, approximately?
W: Well, maybe around £30-40.
M: And what colour would you like?
W: White.
M: How about trying on this one? But that’s a size 40.
W: Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit. But I think it looks very nice and it has beautiful material.
M: Why don’t you come back next week? Maybe we will get a size 38 by then.
W: Thank you very much! I will certainly come back and hope to buy it. Where should I pay for the jumper?
M: There’s the cash register! Goodbye!


Buying clothes

  1. Near the shop window behind the counter.
  2. They have a large selection of jumpers in the woman’s size/size 38.
  3. One is green with stripes, and the other is red with a starry pattern.
  4. The red/starry one. It’s not cheap but excellent /very good quality. It’s worth the price.
  5. A white blouse that costs about 30-40 pounds.
  6. It’s very nice and it has beautiful material.
  7. She will come back because the blouse doesn’t fit her, and she would like to buy it in her size.



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