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Il caso del cane che si porta a spasso da solo

Tutti noi cerchiamo sempre il meglio per i nostri cani, perché siano trattati bene e in buona salute. Questa nuova invenzione, semplice ma brillante, potrebbe migliorare la vita di molti cani.

Double leash lets dogs walk themselves

Canine experts have created an innovative new two-way leash for dogs – which has one handle for you and one for your pet. The We Leash is designed to help dogs feel more confident and in-control, which can improve behaviour and reduce dragging and pulling on walks.

As the canine has its own handle, which is held in its mouth, the We Leash gives the impression you and your dog are walking each other and “helps strengthen the human-dog bond”.

The blue lead fastens around the dog’s neck like a normal leash, but instead of one line connecting the dog and the owner, there are two separate lines with handles coming from the leash around the dog’s head – one for the dog and one for the owner.

As well as looking adorable, the new dog accessory can provide a whole range of benefits – including improving the dog’s behaviour and helping the canine feel more confident and secure.

Creative Director and Co-founder of We For Dogs, makers of We Leash, Shannon Arnold, said: “Many dog walks turn into ‘me versus thee‘ events with people being dragged by overly excited dogs or pulling along lagging ones. Walks should be WE events with people and dogs securely attached one to the other – physically and emotionally. So many people who have struggled when walking their dogs because of pulling, lagging, or reactivity now have a new leash of life. People have told us they are loving it – the reduction in problem behaviours is immediate and that is a tremendous relief for man and dog.”

The 39-year-old, from Milton, Georgia, USA, who has four of her own dogs, added: “When dogs hold their end of the leash, they gain great confidence from feeling securely connected to their person and yet capable of some measure of control. It really is like walking hand in hand with a toddler. The design prevents dogs from ever feeling restrained or helpless, something that causes many dogs to react inappropriately to the presence of other animals and even on occasion people.”

We Leash was inspired by the dog-training principles of canine expert Jennifer Arnold, 52, who wanted to make walks pleasant, bond-building exercises for dogs and people. Jennifer, who designed the leash and is Co-Founder of We For Dogs, was inspired by her experiences with her own four dogs – in particular her sheltie mix, Annabelle, who was extremely reactive to other dogs on walks.

She said: “As a strong believer in the value of the human-dog bond, I felt certain we could do better. Walks are meant to strengthen your body and your relationship rather than putting a strain on them. Walks should be inactive and they should be joyful. I realised that the happiest I’ve ever seen dogs on leash is when they were proudly holding a part of that leash or a favourite toy in their mouths. Their people looked happy, too and, best of all, they seemed engaged with one another. So with that in mind, I designed the We Leash – a handle for people and a handle for dogs.”

Measuring 4’6” long and 1′ wide, We Leash features a slight stretch and is made from soft nylon with a comfortable neoprene handle for the human and an organic plush handle for the dog.

We Leash has a hook near the human handle where the two branches of the leash can temporarily be snapped together to make a regular leash if the dog chooses not to hold its handle for a period of time. We Leash can be purchased for about £29.30 ($36.50) from the We For Dogs website.

leash guinzaglio
handle manico
confident sicuro di sè
to drag trascinare
canine canide
bond legame
dog accessory accessorio per cani
benefit vantaggio
overly eccessivamente
to lag restare indietro
relief sollievo
toddler bambino piccolo
restrained controllato
inappropriately inappropriatamente
with that in mind tenendo questo in mente
hook gancio

… un piccolo vocabolario canino 


collar leash dog toy
[ˈkɒlə] [liːʃ] [dɒɡ toɪ]
collare guinzaglio giocattoli per cane
dog food bone treats
[dɒɡ fuːd] [bəʊn] [triːts]
cibo per cani osso croccantini
dog bed dog house kennel
[dɒɡ bed] [dɒɡ haʊz] [ˈkenl̩]
lettino per cani cuccia gabbietta


Obedience is very important, so teach your dog some basic rules!

Bark! – Abbaia!

Bite! – Mordi!

Come! – Vieni!

Down! – Sdraiati!

Fetch! – Prendi!

Good boy!  – Bravo ragazzo!

Good girl! – Brava ragazza!

Good job! – Ottimo lavoro/Ben fatto! 

Heel! – In ginocchio!

Here! – Vieni qua!

Hi five! – Batti il cinque/Su la zampa!

Leave it! – Molla/Lascia!

Play dead! – Fingi di essere morto!

Roll over! – Rotola!

Shake-a-paw! – Qua la zampa!

Sit! – Siediti!

Stay! – Fermo!

Track! – Segui!


bitch [bɪtʃ] – cagna

litter [ˈlɪtə] – lettiera

to howl [tu haʊl] – ululare

pedigree [ˈpedɪɡriː] -pedigree

flea [fliː] – pulce

tick [tɪk] – zecca

puppy [ˈpʌpi] – cucciolo

to bark [tu bɑːk] – abbaiare

to wag one’s tail [tu wæɡ wʌnz teɪl] – scodinzolare

stray dog [streɪ dɒɡ] – cane randagio

breed [briːd] – razza, specie

obedience [əˈbiːdɪəns] – obbedienza



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