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IDIOMS: Money Idioms

Con la lezione seguente impariamo alcuni modi di dire ed espressioni collegate ai soldi.

Con la lezione seguente impariamo alcuni modi di dire ed espressioni collegate ai soldi. 

to make ends meet
meaning: to earn and spend equal amounts of money
italiano: sbarcare il lunario, arrivare alla fine del mese
example: I have to work at two jobs to make ends meet. – Devo fare due lavori per poter sbarcare il lunario.

to cash in one’s chips
meaning: to exchange or sell something to get some money
italiano: incassare un po’ di soldi
example: I cashed in my chips and bought a Harley Davidson. – Ho incassato un po’ di soldi e ho comprato una Harley Davidson

to be strapped for cash
meaning: to have little or no money available
italiano: essere a corto di soldi
example: I can’t go on holiday this year. I’m really strapped for cash. – Non posso andare in vacanza quest’anno. Sono davvero a corto di soldi.

to give someone a blank check
meaning: to let someone act as they want or as they think is necessary
italiano: lasciare a qualcuno carta bianca (Lett: dare a quacuno un assegno vuoto)
example: The boss gave me a blank check to solve the logistics problem. – Il capo mi ha dato carta bianca per risolvere il problema logistico.

not worth a dime
meaning: to be not of any value
italiano: non valere nulla/niente (Lett: non vale un decino)
example: The vase you  bought at the flea market isn’t worth a dime. – Il vaso che hai comprato al mercato delle pulci non vale nulla.

to feel like a million dollars/bucks
meaning: to feel wonderful, to feel well and healthy
italiano: sentirsi alla grande (Lett: sentirsi come un milione di dollari)
example: Just got back from my best holiday ever. I feel like a million bucks! – Sono appena tornato delle mie migliori vacanze di sempre. Mi sento alla grande!

to put in one’s two cents (worth)
meaning: to add one’s comments or opinion to a discussion
italiano: dire la propria, esprireme il proprio parere (Lett: metterci i propri due centesimi)
example: She put in her two cents and we had to realize she was right. – Lei ha detto la sua e abbiamo realizzato che aveva ragione.

the other side of the coin
meaning: a different or contradictory aspect of a situation
italiano: l’altra faccia della medaglia, dall’altro lato
example: The company exploited cheap African labour. On the other side of the coin, they also built two schools and a hospital in the area. – La compagnia ha sfruttato manodopera africana a buon mercato. Dall’altro lato hanno anche costruito due scuole e un ospedale in quella zona.

to have deep pockets
meaning: to have a lot of money
italiano: avere un sacco di soldi (Lett: avere tasche profonde)
example: The firm is not doing well. We need an investor with deep pockets. – L’azienda non sta andando bene. Ci serve un investitore che abbia un sacco di soldi.

golden handshake
meaning: a generous sum of money given to a person when they retire or leave a company
italiano: una sostanziosa liquidazione (Lett: stretta di mano dorata)
example: George got a golden handshake with his early retirement. – George ha avuto una sostanziosa liquidazione con la sua pensione anticipata.

to be hard up
meaning: to have very little money
italiano: essere al verde
example: We were so hard up that we had to sell our computer. – Eravamo così al verde che abbiamo dovuto vendere i nostri computer.

loan shark
meaning: a person who lends money at extremely high interest rates to people who can’t get a loan from the bank
italiano: strozzino (Lett: squalo dei prestiti)
example: My uncle had to flee the country because he couldn’t pay back the loan shark. – Mio zio è dovuto fuggire dal paese perché non poteva ripagare lo strozzino.

Fill in the blanks with the right idioms.

two cents

golden handshake blank check
the other side of the coin to make ends meet loan shark
deep pockets worth a dime to feel like a million dollars
to be hard up to cash in one’s chips

to be strapped for cash

  1. If your grandfather didn’t have ……………….. you couldn’t afford going abroad to university.
  2. You look great! You must be ……………….. after a whole month off work.
  3. I expect a ……………….. after working 35 years for the same company.
  4. If you ask me, don’t take that job. But that’s just my ……………….. .
  5. An expert was brought in and they gave her a ……………….. to improve the production line.
  6. Don’t even talk to that ……………….. ! You’ll only get into trouble.
  7. You can’t sell that old cell phone. It’s not ……………….. .
  8. Sorry, mate, I can’t lend you any money. I’m really ……………….. .
  9. Working here is a huge responsibility, but ……………….. it’s an extremely well-paid job.
  10. You can’t imagine how ……………….. people in India are. Millions live in slums.
  11. We can’t ……………….. on one salary. I need to find a babysitter as soon as possible.
  12. Melanie decided to ……………….. and start a new life in Australia.

Key: 1-deep pockets 2-feeling like a million dollars 3-golden handshake 4-two cents 5-blank check 6-get into trouble 7-worth a dime 8-strapped for cash 9-on the other side of the coin 10-hard up 11-make ends meet 12-cash in her chips


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