Oh, you’re wearing a flower.
Thank you.
Ah, didn’t compliment. Just observed.
I know. Isn’t it?

Why are you wearing that?

Why does Barney do anything ever?

Exactly. Science. There is an 83% correlation between the times men wear boutonnieres and the times they get laid.
Think about it. Proms, weddings.
Grandmas’ funerals. Thanks for the redhead, Nana. The “everyday boutonniere” by Stinson.
And nope. I’m sorry, Barney, but no girl is going home with a guy with a flower on his chest. Unless he’s a clown, and she’s in the trunk of his car.
Along with 50 other clowns.
It’s a clown car.
Robin, did you know that boutonniere is French for “bootie is near?”

True story. Une histoire vraie.
Hmm! Did you know that Barney is French for “sad little guy who works way too hard to get laid””

Woman, you best check yourself.
Yeah, on the bright side, I guess suits are pretty boring without them, so

Madam that is an insult that cannot be borne! I demand satisfaction!

What, are we gonna duel?

No. I’m going to show everyone this embarrassing video of you.
It’s Robin Sparkles III, y’all! 


to compliment – complimentarsi
to observe – osservare
boutonnieres – fiore all’occhiello
to get laid – fare sesso (slang : più precisamente “scopare”)
prom – ballo di fine anno
funeral – funerale
clown – pagliaccio
trunk – bagagliaio
bootie – sesso
satisfaction – soddisfazione
to duel – duellare
embarrassing – imbarazzante


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