Friends: Joey writes a letter

Adesso vediamo una clip da Friends dove Joey cerca di scrivere una lettera “intelligente”.

Ross: What’re… what’re you working on?
Joey: Oh, Monica and Chandler’s recommendation. I want it to sound smart but.. I don’t know any big words or anything, so…
Ross: Why don’t you use your thesaurus?
Joey: What did I just say?
Ross: Watch. Here, you uh, you highlight the word you wanna change. Go under Tools and the thesaurus generates… ‘gives’… ‘gives’ a whole list of choices. You can pick the word that sounds smartest.
Joey: Oh, my God, that’s great! I’m smart! No no, I’m… “brainy, bright, clever”, I love this thing!


Joey: Hey, finished my recommendation. Here. And I think you’ll be very, very happy. It’s the longest I ever spent on a computer without looking at porn.
Chandler: I don’t… uh… understand.
Joey: Some of the words are a little too sophisticated for ya?
Monica: It doesn’t make any sense.
Joey: Well of course it does! It’s smart! I used the the-saurus!
Chandler: On every word?
Joey: Yep!
Monica: Alright, what was this sentence originally?
Joey: Oh, ‘They are warm, nice, people with big hearts’.
Chandler: And that became ‘they are humid prepossessing Homo Sapiens with full sized aortic pumps…?
Joey: Yeah, yeah. And hey, I really mean it, dude.
Monica: Hey, Joey, I don’t think we can use this.
Joey: Why not?
Monica: Well, because you signed it baby kangaroo Tribbiani. Hey, why don’t you stop worrying about sounding smart and just be yourself!
Chandler: You know what? You don’t need a thesaurus, just write from here, your full sized aortic pump.
Joey: … and hey, I really mean it dude. 

Traduci le segeunti frasi in italiano!

  1. Oh, my God.
  2. I love this thing.
  3. It doesn’t make any sense.
  4. I don’t think we can use it.
  5. Why don’t you stop worrying about sounding smart?
  6. Just be yourself.


  1. Oh mio Dio!
  2. Amo questa cosa.
  3. Non ha nessun senso.
  4. Non penso che potremo usarlo.
  5. Perché non la smetti di preocuparti di sembrare intelligente?
  6. Sii solamente te stesso!

recommendation – raccomandazione
thesaurus – dizionario dei sinonimi
to highlight – evidenziare / sottolineare
list of choices – elenco di possibilità
sophisticated – sofisticato
humid – umidi
aortic pump – pompa aortica


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