SALUTE – At the emergency room – Al pronto soccorso

Adesso vediamo un dialogo utile, che si svolge al pronto soccorso.


Good afternoon, sir. What’s happened?

Man: Good afternoon. I’ve just fallen off my bicycle and hit a tree.
Doctor: Okay, I see. Your ankle seems a bit swollen. Can you stand on it?
Man: No, it hurts a lot.
Doctor: It may be broken, so we’ll take an X-ray of it. Did you hit your head, too?
Man: Yes, and my ribs hurt, too and I also have some bruises.
Doctor: Do you fell nauseous?
Man: No, I didn’t hit my head so hard.
Doctor: Yes, I can see the wound. I don’t think you have concussion. But if you feel dizzy or
nauseous, please come back for a check-up.
Man: What does the X-ray show?
Doctor: It’s not broken; you sprained your ankle when you twisted it.
Man: So, it won’t need to be put in plaster.
Doctor: No, just need to rest it.


What’s happened?Cosa è successo?
I’ve just fallen off … . Sono appena caduto da…
Your … seems a bit swollen.Il suo/La sua … sembra un po’ gonfio/a.
It hurts a lot.Fa molto male.
It may be broken, we’ll take an X-ray.Potrebbe essere rotto/a, faremo I raggi-X.
Do you feel nauseous?Si sente nauseato?
If you feel dizzy or nauseous, come back for a check-up.Se si sente girare la testa o nauseato ritorni per un controllo.
You just need to rest it.Deve solo tenerla/o a riposo


to happensuccedere
to fall offcadere da
to hitcolpire
swollen gonfio
to stand on stare su
to hurtfare male
broken rotto/a
to take an X-rayfare I raggi-X
bruise livido/contusione
to feel nauseoussentirsi nauseato
wound – ferita
concussion commozione cerebrale
to feel dizzysentire girare la testa/giramenti di capo
sprained – slogato/a
twisted storto/a
to put in plasterIngessare
to rest somethingTenere qualcosa a riposo


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