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When the earth shakes – Quando la terra trema

É difficile capire cosa si scatena nella testa della gente quando la terra trema. Almeno fino a quando non ti capita personalmente. Ecco come comportarsi in caso di un terremoto.

When the Earth shakes

When the earth shakes, the ground moves and things start to fall, you’ll ask yourself, how prepared, or unprepared, are you? Have you removed objects from over the bed and over your head? Anchored your possessions securely to the wall. It won’t be a pain, and you’re not doing it in vain.         

Are your emergency kits packed? What about your family? Your friends? Do they know what to do? How to get in touch, and where to meet? Do you know how to drop, cover, and hold on, covering your head and neck? What if you’re outside? Or in a car?       

After the shaking stops, look around. Figure out what to do. Stay away from damaged areas. Turn on a radio. Reach out for help. And if you’re trapped, do not move about. Stay calm, only shout as a last resort. Once everything and everyone is safe, get prepared: an aftershock could be on its way.  

So before the earth shakes, the ground moves, and things start to fall, get prepared. Make a plan. Practice what you know. Because an earthquake can happen anytime, anywhere. You never know.  

America’s PrepareAthon! Be smart. Take part. Prepare.


Earth – la Terra
to shake – tremare
ground – terreno
to be prepared – essere preparato
to be unprepared – non essere preparato
to remove – rimuovere
to anchor – ancorare
possession – possesso
securely – in modo sicuro
emergency kit – cassetta di pronto soccorso
to get in touch – mettersi in contatto con
to drop – lanciare
to cover – coprire
to hold on – aspettare
to figure out – riuscire a capire
to stay away from – stare lontano da
to reach out for – stendere la mano per prendere
to be trapped – essere intrappolato, essere bloccato
last resort – come ultima risorsa
aftershock – scossa di assestamento
damaged – danneggiato

Fill the gaps with the missing words! 

heavy items interior walll hands and knees stay cell phone charger monitor inhaled
falling down unsafe avoid injury damaged shouting debris  
  1. Secure decorations, light fixtures and furniture ……… .
  2. Secure ……… to wall studs with anchors.
  3. You’ll need: 3 days of water, ……… , 3 days of food, important documents.
  4. Drop to ……… to avoid falling down.
  5. Protect yourself from ……… .
  6. Seek protection under sturdy table, next to low furniture, ……… or in the corner.
  7. Drop to avoid ……… .
  8. Stop and ……… in car.
  9. If it’s ………, stay where you are.
  10. Leave if building is ……… and there is a safe path to an open space.
  11. ……… for important safety information.
  12. Make noise without ……… .
  13. Dangerous particles can be ……… .


debris – detriti
cell phone charger – caricabatterie per cellulare
to monitor – monitorare
to inhale – respirare, inalare
hands and knees – a quattro zampe
to avoid – evitare


  1. avoid injury
  2. heavy items
  3. cell phone charger
  4. hands and knees
  5. debris
  6. interior wall
  7. falling down
  8. stay
  9. unsafe
  10. damaged
  11. monitor
  12. shouting
  13. inhaled


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