Fare shopping/la spesa

FARE SHOPPING/LA SPESA – Grocery shopping – Fare la spesa

Con l’aiuto del seguente dialogo impariamo fare la spesa in inglese.

Good morning!
Grocer: Good morning, madam!  Can I help you?
Woman: Yes, please. I would like a dozen of eggs and a bottle of milk.
Grocer: Here you are, madam. Would you like anything else?
Woman: I also need a bunch of asparagus, 2 kilograms of potatoes, and a package of sugar.
Grocer: All right. Which sugar? Powdered or caster sugar?
Woman:  Caster sugar is fine. Do you keep detergents, too?
Grocer: Yes, they are right here.
Woman: Oh, I see. I need a bottle of washing-up liquid.
Grocer: Is that all?
Woman: Oh, I’ve nearly forgotten. I also need 100 grams of smoked ham, thinly sliced, please.
Grocer: All right. Here it is. Something else?
Woman: No, thank you. How much do I owe you?
Grocer: 24.9 pounds.


Can I help you? Posso aiutarla?
I would like a dozen of … .
Vorrei una dozzina di … .
Here you are.
Ecco a lei.
Would you like anything else?
Volete qualcos’altro?
I also need a bunch of asparagus.
Mi serve anche un mazzo di asparagi.
Do you keep …, too?
Avete anche…?
They are right here.
Sono proprio qui.
Is that all?
É tutto?
I’ve nearly forgotten.
Avevo quasi dimenticato.
All right.
Va bene.
Something else?
How much do I owe you?
Quanto le devo?


a dozen of … una dozzina di …
a bunch of …
  un mazzo di …
a package of …
un pacchetto di …
powdered/caster sugar
– zucchero a velo
a bottle of … 
– una bottiglia di …
washing-up liquid
smoked ham
prosciutto affumicato
thinly sliced
– affettato finemente
to owe
dovere (soldi a qualcuno) / essere in debito



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