Fare shopping/la spesa

FARE SHOPPING/LA SPESA – Choosing colours – Scegliere colori

Vediamo un dialogo che si svolge in un negozio d’abbigliamento.

Shop assistant:
Good afternoon, Sir.

Man:  Good afternoon.
Shop assistant: May I help you?
Man: Oh, yes please. I’m looking for some polo neck shirts.
Shop assistant: Long or short-sleeved?
Man:  Long-sleeved.
Shop assistant: Any particular colour?
Man:  Not really, but make sure they are made from 100% cotton.
Shop assistant: Of course, Sir. How about this one?
Man: That’s not bad. Do you have that in other colours, too?
Shop assistant: Yes, they come in blue, black, bright red, bright royal, butter, navy blue, pine green, grey and white colours.
Man: How much are they?
Shop assistant: 22 pounds each.
Man: Okay, then I’ll take a white, a grey and a butter colour.
Shop assistant: What size do you take?
Man: Large.
Shop assistant: Just a moment. All right. Follow me to the cash desk, please.


May I help you? Posso aiuarLa?
I’m looking for some … . –
Sto cercando dell … .
Long or short sleeved? –
A maniche lunghe o corte?
Any particular colour? –
Qualche colore particolare?
Make sure they are made from … . –
Si assicuri che siano fatte di … .
How about this one? –
Cosa ne dice di questa?
That’s not bad. –
Questa non è male.
Do you have that in other colours? –
L’avete in altri colori?
How much is it?/How much are they? –
Quanto costa/Quanto costano?
What size do you take? –
Quale taglia porta?
Follow me to the cash desk. –
Mi segua alla cassa.


to look for something – cercare qualcosa
polo neck –
a collo alto
particular –
to be made from –
essere fatto di
cotton –
size –
to follow somebody –
seguire qualcuno
cash desk –


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