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Dialoghi utili: Prenotare un tavolo

Da questo dialogo impariamo come prenotare una tavolo ad un ristorante.

Restaurant: La Cucina Restaurant, how can I help you?
Woman: Hello. I would like to make a reservation.
Restaurant: Certainly, madam. When will you be joining us?
Woman: Friday night.
Restaurant: All right … and what time would you like the reservation for?
Woman: I would prefer 7:00 or 7:30.
Restaurant: Okay. For how many people?
Woman: For two … and could we have a table by the window?
Restaurant: Let me see. I can seat you at 7 o’clock on Friday, and we have a table for two by the window. Is it all right for you?
Woman: Of course.
Restaurant: Can I have your name please?
Woman: Yes, my name is Martha Spencer.
Restaurant: Thank you Ms Spencer. See you at 7:00 this Friday.
Woman: Thank you very much. I appreciate your help.


How can I help you? Come posso aiutarla?
I would like to make a reservation.Vorrei fare una prenotazione.
When will you be joining us?Quando sarà da noi?
What time would you like the reservation for?Per che ora vorrebbe prenotare?
For how many people? Per quante persone?
Could we have a table by the window?Potremmo avere un tavolo vicino la finestra?
Let me see.Mi lasci controllare.
Is that all right for you?Va bene per voi?
Can I have your name, please?Posso avere il suo nome, per favore?

I appreciate your help.Apprezzo il suo aiuto.


to make a reservationprenotare
reservation – prenotazione
to joinunirsi, venire
by the windowvicino la finestra
to seat sedersi
to appreciateapprezzare, essere grato per


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