Parlare al telefono

Dialoghi utili: Prendere un messaggio

Vediamo un dialogo con audio, per imparare come prendere un messaggio al telefono in inglese.


Gregory: Hello!
Katie: Hi, is this Gregory?
Gregory: Yes.
Katie: It’s Katie here. Is Martha at home?
Gregory: No, she left a few minutes ago. Can I take a message?
Katie: Yes, thanks. I wanted to ask her to meet me at Cinepoint Movies at 8 pm tonight.
Gregory: Sure. Just let me write that down. Could you hold on for a second? I have to answer another call.
Katie: No problem.
Gregory: Sorry about that. I am here again. Now, could you please repeat that information? Now I have a pen, too.
Katie: It’s the Cinepoint Movies at 8 pm tonight.
Gregory: Okay. Is there anything else?
Katie: No. That’s it. Thank you! Bye!
Gregory:  Bye!


Is this … ? Sei … ?
Is … at home?È … a casa?
Can I take a message?Posso prendere un messaggio?
Just let me write that down.Lasciamelo solo scrivere .
Could you hold on for a second?Potresti aspettare un momento?
I have to answer another call.Devo rispondere a un’altra chiamata.
Sorry about that.Mi dispiace per questo.
Could you please repeat that information?Potresti ripetere questa informazione?
Is there anything else?C’è qualcos’altro?
That’s it.È tutto.


to be at home – essere a casa
to leave homelasciare casa
to take a messageprendere un messaggio
to meet somebodyincontrare qualcuno
to write downscrivere (un appunto)

to hold onattendere
to answer a callrispondere a una telefonata
to repeatripetere


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