DIALOGO IN INGLESE: Incontrare qualcuno per la prima volta

Ecco un dialogo con l’audio – molto importante – che potrebbe tornarvi utile quando incontrate qualcuno per la prima volta.

Meeting someone for the first time

Hi, my name is Jean. You must be the new cook, right?

Cook: That’s right. I’m Jack. Nice to meet you.
Waitress: So when are you starting?2023
Cook: Tomorrow. I just came in to have a look around and discuss the menu with the boss. Have you been working here long?
Waitress: Two years. I like it here. Which shift are you taking?
Cook: Morning. Is it very busy?
Waitress: It gets busy around breakfast time and then mainly drinks until lunch break.
Cook: So you’re doing the morning shift too? Who else will be in?
Waitress: There’s Kate, but she’s just left. You’ll meet her tomorrow. She’s a nice girl.
Cook: It looks quite busy now, are you working overtime?
Waitress: Yes, I need some extra but I normally do the morning shift when I need to pick up the kids.
Cook: Sorry, I didn’t mean to keep you from your work.
Waitress: No problem, I’m taking a break now but I have to go back soon.
Cook: Boss said he might need someone to do weekend overtime. Do you think it’s worth it or does it get hectic on Saturdays?
Waitress: Not too bad compared to other days. I think it’s manageable.
Cook: Thanks for the info. My previous workplace was much smaller. I’ll see how it goes.
Waitress: I’m sure you’ll like it. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t a nice place. I’ve got to go now. See you tomorrow.
Cook: Nice talking to you, see you tomorrow.


You must be the … – Tu devi essere il…
That’s right. – Esatto.
Nice to meet you. – Piacere di conoscerti.
I came in to have a look around. – Sono venuto a dare un’occhiata in giro.
Have you been working here long? – Lavori qui da molto tempo?
Which shift are you taking? – Che turno fai?
Who else will be in? – Chi altro ci sarà?
It looks quite busy now. – Sembra piuttosto affollato ora.
Are you working overtime? – Stai facendo gli straordinari?
Sorry I didn’t mean to keep you from work. – Scusami, non volevo trattenerti dal lavoro.
I’m sure you’ll like it. – Sono sicuro che ti piacerà.
Nice talking to you. – È stato un piacere parlare con te.


to have a look around – dare un’occhiata in giro
to discuss something – discutere di qualcosa
shift – turno
mainly – principalmente
overtime – straordinario
extra – extra
normally – normalmente
it’s worth it – (ne) vale la pena
to compare – confrontare
manageable – gestibile


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