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Dialoghi utili – Fare una telefonata

Operator: Good afternoon! Worldwide Communication Services. How can I help you?
Man: Good afternoon. May I speak to Mr Green, please?
Operator: Can I have your name, please?
Man: Yes, my name is George Borkowski.
Operator: Oh, dear. Would you mind spelling that for me?
Man: Certainly. It’s B-O-R-K-O-W-S-K-I.
Operator: Thank you, sir. Please hold on, I’ll put you through.


Operator: I’m afraid, Mr Green is not available at the moment. Can you call later again, or would you like to leave a message?
Man: No, that’s okay. I’ll call back later.
Operator: All right, sir.
Man: When do you expect him back in the office?
Operator: In an hour.
Man: Thank you. Bye.
Operator: Bye. 



How can I help you?Come posso aiutarla?
May I speak to …? –
Posso parlare con …?

Can I have your name, please? – Posso sapere il suo nome per favore?
Oh, dear. –
Oh mamma!
Would you mind spelling that for me? –
Potrebbe farmi lo spelling?
Certainly. –
Please hold on. –
Per cortesia attenda.
I’ll put you through. –
La metto in comunicazione.
I’m afraid … is not available. –
Mi dispiace, … non è disponibile.
Can you call later again? –
Può richiamare più tardi?

Would you like to leave a message? – Vorrebbe lasciare un messaggio?
I’ll call back later. –
Richiamerò più tardi.
When do you expect him back? –
Quando pensa che ritornerà?


to speak to – parlare con
to spell –
fare lo spelling

to hold on – attendere
to put through –
mettere in comunicazione telefonica
available –
to leave a message –
lasciare un messaggio
to expect –



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