Fare shopping/la spesa

FARE SHOPPING/LA SPESA – It’s too expensive – É troppo costoso!

Da questo dialogo imparerai come parlare del prezzo di un prodotto.

Good afternoon, madam. Have a look at these beautiful bags!
Woman: Good afternoon. Oh, I like this beach bag! How much is it?
Seller: It’ll only cost you 30 pounds, madam.
Woman: 30 pounds? It’s a bit too expensive for a beach bag!
Seller: It’s made from leather!
Woman: I don’t know. I’ll have a look around and come back later.
Seller: Believe me, madam. This is a very sturdy bag!
Woman: Can you make it cheaper?
Seller: How about 27 pounds?
Woman: Well, I don’t know. I can offer you 20 pounds for it.
Seller: 25 pounds is my final price. Take it or leave it then.
Woman: All right. I’ll take it for 25 pounds. 


Have a look at this/these …!Dai un’occhiata a questo/quello …!
How much is it?Quanto costa?
It’ll only cost you … .Le costa soltanto.
It’s a bit too expensive for a/an …. . É un p’ troppo costoso per… .
It’s made from … .É fatto di … .
I’ll have a look around.Do un’occhiata in giro.
Believe me!Mi creda!
Can you make it cheaper? – Può farlo più economico/Può farmi uno sconto?
How about …?Cosa ne dice di … ?
I can offer … .Posso offrire … .
Take it or leave it.Prendere o lasciare.
All right. – Va bene.


beach bagborsa da spiaggia
to costcostare
cheap economico
leatherpelle (cuoio)
to have a look arounddare un’occhiata in giro
to come backritornare
to offeroffrire
final priceprezzo finale

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