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Descrizione di immagini: Caring for the elderly – B1, B2

La descrizione di immagini é inclusa in tutti gli esami di lingua, quindi vediamo un esempio con audio, su livello base e intermedio.

La descrizione di immagini é inclusa in tutti gli esami di lingua, quindi vediamo un esempio con audio, su livello base e intermedio.

Alapfok B1

I can see two women in this picture. One of them has grey hair and she is older. She’s looking at the younger woman, who’s smiling at her cheerfully. They are holding a cup and a saucer together in their hands. There is also a white jar, a piece of cake on a white plate and some fruits on another plate on the table, which is covered by a white tablecloth. The younger woman is wearing a white top. Maybe she’s a nurse in an old people’s home. Perhaps the younger woman is helping the lady with her breakfast.

The elderly lady looks like my grandmother. I love to talk to her and her cakes are super delicious. She often looked after me when I was a child and played with me a lot.

Old people often need help in their everyday life but unfortunately, their children are busy at work and can’t spend much time with them. They often live alone and don’t have people to talk to. Now cell phones can help them but talking on the phone is not the same as being together with the family.

If they are healthy they like to take care of their grandchildren and cook dishes and bake cakes for the whole family. But if they are ill, it’s good if a family member can be near and help them.

Középfok B2

In the picture, we can see two women who belong to two generations. A grey-haired elderly lady and a smiling young woman. The table is set for only one person so I think that the younger lady is some sort of a carer who is helping the elderly lady with her breakfast. The elderly lady is sitting in a wheelchair so she probably needs a lot of help. Whether it’s a home setting or an old people’s home we cannot really tell. Everything is nice and tidy and spotlessly clean. The elderly lady looks trustingly at her companion, and she seems to be grateful for the help she is getting.

Elderly people need a lot of help if their state of health starts to worsen and it can be a difficult task for their family members. In the past families used to live together with the grandparents and even the great-grandparents. It was a good arrangement because the younger generation could help the elderly if they needed it and the elderly could help to take care of and bring up the children. Nowadays life has changed in this respect. Young people tend to move away from their parents and live their lives independently from their family. They see their parents and grandparents from time to time but living together is usually not in the picture. That’s why it causes a nearly insurmountable problem when an elderly parent or grandparent falls permanently ill and needs constant care. That’s when a retirement home comes into the picture, but relocating an old person from his or her home is a difficult decision to make. Old people’s homes can be a good solution though. They can provide the elderly with the medical care they need and also the company of other old people. But finding a good retirement home is not easy. It’s either very expensive or affordable but they have a long waiting list of applicants. It’s often a “Catch 22” situation that is impossible to solve but you have to solve it anyway.

cheerfully allegramente
jar vaso, barattolo
elderly lady signora anziana
carer badante
wheelchair sedia a rotelle
spotlessly clean immacolatamente pulito
trustingly fiduciosamente
companion compagno
to worsen peggiorare
good arrangement buona disposizione
in this respect a questo proposito
insurmountable insormontabile
to relocate trasferirsi
affordable conveniente
applicant richiedente
Catch 22 un cane che si morde la coda, assurdità



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